Amazon introduces 3D printer sales section

    I often use Amazon to buy all kinds of gadgets / clothes in the USA. Sometimes very interesting devices come across that cannot be found in CIS countries during daytime fire, including any exotic smartphone models. But this time, Amazon offers even more entertaining devices: a section for selling 3D printers is open . Moreover, you can purchase both new devices and used ones. Everything is as usual, except that they sell 3D printers, which for many of us are still something completely new.

    Currently, there are 33 models of different printers on sale, ranging from Cubify Cube (2nd generation), for only 1099 dollars and 99 cents, and ending with Airwolf 3D for 2399. As already mentioned, you can buy used printers that are sold at lower price than new devices (which is logical).

    If you have a question where to get consumables for printers, the answer is simple - in the same section. Among other things, you can buy spare parts + books / instructions. Of course, specialized software for creating 3D models is also sold.

    There is one fly in the ointment in this whole barrel of honey. The fact is that this section does not supply devices / consumables / spare parts to Russia / Ukraine. It is worth recalling the existence of intermediary services for delivering things to the CIS from the United States. True, these services take their percentage, but so far in no other way.

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