Not all polymers ?.

    Curious things are happening on the market of "private" astronautics.

    Orbital Sciences (the same company that, along with SpaceX Elon Musk won the NASA next-generation space shuttle tender) complained to the US Federal Trade Commission about its competitors Boeing and Lockheed Martin, which illegally restrict Orbital’s access Sciences to important components.

    We are talking about RD-180 rocket engines manufactured by the Russian NPO Energomash, which Orbital Sciences is going to install on its next-generation launch vehicles since, according to the representative of Orbital Sciences, these engines are optimal for this class of rockets and without them Orbital Sciences is simply not competitive .

    The situation is particularly piquant because Orbital Sciences rivals - the United Launch Alliance (a joint Lockheed Martin and Boeing project) - are already using the notorious RD-180 for Atlas missiles, while Orbital Sciences itself uses a different Antares rocket prototype Russian-made engine - NK-33 manufactured by SNTK named after Kuznetsov (under the name Aerojet AJ-26).

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