Servers with 100TB of traffic from $ 120 / month are marketing bullshit, but nevertheless they have the right to life!

    For a long time, we focused on customers who need guaranteed channels and really unlimited traffic for their services. Nevertheless, there are some subscribers for whom the guaranteed level of Internet connection is not so critical. We decided that nevertheless you should have a choice and at the initial stage our “limited” offer can sometimes be useful.

    This post will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of renting servers with 100TB of traffic. He will explain the origin of such a low price for these servers and tell you in which cases it is advisable to use them, and in which it is better to refrain from using. Once again, we urge you to use only guaranteed inclusions in order to avoid misunderstandings. All other service options, such as servers with 100TB of traffic from $ 120provided “as is” and at any time their provision is not guaranteed.

    It's no secret that a guaranteed Internet channel costs quite a lot of money. The price is determined by the number and level of operators from which the channel is purchased, connectivity, and also what% of traffic goes to exchange points, which have their own "inexpensive" inclusions. Even when purchasing hundreds of gigabits from different operators, it is rarely possible to lower the price below 500 euros / gigabit. Selling a guarantee cheaper, data centers rely on the fact that not everyone will use their inclusions 100% of the time and expand the general channel as necessary. Also, sometimes a certain fee for traffic is taken not only from subscribers, but also from peer-to-peer providers who are interested in exchanging traffic with data centers, but for this data center should be a good traffic generator in their network.

    Based on this, if you see the price for a gigabit channel much lower than 500 euros, and even with a server, you know - you ... are being deceived.

    A little over 2 years ago, the EvoSwitch data center significantly expanded its external channels. Well, like any decent operator who has a lot of lanes idle, he decided to organize an auction of unprecedented generosity in order to compensate for downtime losses and attract new customers, all the more such offers in the low-cost market have already taken place, but with similar quality, and even for such little money - no one had it. The calculation was mainly made for “western” users, who often do not know how much traffic they need and who in most cases never consume their 100TB and are very well attracted for large numbers, in other words for “fair consumption”.

    When “our” people came to the data center with their streaming projects (online video, music / radio online, etc.), CDN (including proxy / vpn), it became obvious that fair consumption for 100TB of servers Slavic population is not accepted, give everyone as much as possible and cheaper. And everyone wants to use the service to the maximum. And God forbid the owners of these projects to overpay $ 100, despite earnings several times more ... As a result, already 3 months after the announcement of the service, the excess reserve of channels was rapidly decreasing and it became obvious that the service was not paying for itself.

    The data center, due to such “honest” users, decided to introduce a number of restrictions. According to which, when renting a server with a 100TB traffic limit, you agree to the following conditions :

    - do not use the server for streaming or CDN without obtaining the prior consent of the data center (it can be provided in very rare cases, which are not disclosed);
    - 100 TB servers - a limited and temporary offer, you may be denied further provision of the service unilaterally without explanation with a notification 14 days before the suspension of the service;
    - use the provided traffic volume honestly, without sharp peaks in consumption, evenly during the month (in other words, you cannot use more than 3.3 TB per day, it is not difficult to calculate that for the consumption of such traffic the average channel load should be no more than 330 Mbit / s) .

    In case of violation of the conditions, the following measures can be applied:

    - server port speed limit;
    - change in the price of a rented 100TB server to the market value of the consumed band;
    - suspension or termination of the offending server without a refund to the client.

    The data center also created some software systems that can automatically detect such violations. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you follow the rules if you want to use the 100TB series servers.

    For whom and for what purposes can this offer be useful?

    - visited portals that do not have enough 100 Mbit / s to the server, but a 150-300 Mbit / s channel would be enough if it is expensive to pay guaranteed gigabits and you need to save;
    - for backup servers in case you have many servers from which you need to backup quickly and efficiently (in order not to violate the policy, we recommend that you perform such operations not in business time, or limit the copy flow yourself);
    - file archives (if you have a file-sharing project and the load can be evenly distributed among the storages - this is an offer for you, however, remember that streaming is prohibited and there should be no sharp bursts of consumption).

    It is very important to adhere to an honest traffic consumption policy, since in case of significant excesses, the channel in the data center cabinet will not be able to expand. You can cause degradation of the service for other subscribers and they will simply block you in order to prevent this. In case of repeated violation, unlocking will be impossible.

    The service is essentially a controlled shared inclusion, which is why streaming is prohibited. It’s sometimes very difficult for owners of such online video portals to control consumption, in addition, such a “100TB - power on” may not provide guaranteed flow rates, which is sometimes critical for HD video online and even for regular video.

    You can order servers from the 100TB series on our website:

    Intel Dual-Core G6950 / 4GB DDR3 / 2x250GB SATA2 / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 120
    Intel Xeon E3-1230 / 8GB DDR3 / 2x500GB SATA2 / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 150
    2x Intel Quad-Core Xeon E5620 / 8GB DDR3 / 4x1TB SATA2 / 1Gb 199
    2 x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E5645 / 8GB DDR3 / 4x1TB SATA2 / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 259
    2 x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E5-2420 / 8GB DDR3 / 4x1TB SATA2 / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 339
    2 x Intel Hexa-Core Xeon E5-2 / 16GB DDR3 / 4x1TB SATA2 / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 429
    2 x Intel Octa-Core Xeon E5-2650 / 8GB DDR3 / 4x1TB SATA2 / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 499
    Intel Quad Core Xeon L5410 / 8GB DDR2 / 24x1TB SATA2 / 1Gb $ 39

    Disk and memory upgrades are available starting with the E3-1230 configuration! The term for the provision of servers is 1-5 business days. If the upgrade is not ordered, there is a chance to get an "automatic" server within half an hour after the order!

    Based on the low price of 100TB series servers, the data center still hopes that you will not consume all the included traffic per month, in case of excess you will have to pay dearly for this, approximately $ 75 for each terabyte of excess. Previously, fines were an order of magnitude higher, but the data center went to the meeting and lowered them, because sometimes excesses did not happen intentionally. Nevertheless, exceeding 100TB of traffic will cost you $ 7,500, so tightly control your consumption, or purchase a guaranteed inclusion, which will cost an order of magnitude cheaper and where there will be no restrictions.

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