Nigma Features Collection 2009

    It's time to celebrate the New Year and take stock of the outgoing year. The year 2009 was even more fruitful for than the year 2008 . We have developed and launched more than a dozen new useful services, and also updated your design upon your numerous requests :))

    Taking this opportunity, we congratulate all Habrahabr users on the upcoming 2010! We wish you to conquer new heights and peace of mind!

    It's time to see off the old year - we present to your attention a collection of the main Nigma features of 2009:

    1. Search by chemical reaction chains : Ag -> X -> AgNO3 -> X -> Ag (NH3) 2OH -> X -> Ag .
    2. The miracle of the autocomplete answers the question even before the user managed to enter it into the search bar.
    3. A new site indexing algorithm that can extract structured information.
    4. A chemical equalizer that can automatically arrange the coefficients in chemical reactions.
    5. Anti-crisis search of goods - compiles lists of goods, first of all, offering the cheapest and most popular.
    6. Antispam .
    7. We used a new algorithm for musical search - information about the compositions began to be issued in the form of a table. Thanks to this, it became possible to group songs by artist, album and genre. Also for some files it became possible to immediately see the lyrics.
    8. English hint from a service that tells you how to speak English.
    9. Table search . Allows you to find lists of objects: planets of the solar system.
    10. Search for organic reactions : C2H5OH + CH3COOH .
    11. New mathematics from solves problems taking into account the DLD .

    The coming year of the Tiger promises to be no less interesting, full of new features and ideas. Follow our news !

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