Life without reboot

    Good to you people.

    Many probably wondered: how many days can the most popular standard operating system live without reboots?

    I accidentally managed to put on a funny experiment.

    The end of the year, at work everyone is getting ready for the holidays, production stops, and we begin preparations for the emergency. Prevention, installation of new equipment, repair, repair, replacement. All these works, as a rule, are carried out on holidays, while people are resting and production is standing.

    And so, checking the next computer, I noticed an interesting thing ...
    It should be noted that this machine monitors several process units (they work around the clock, seven days a week), nothing special, it does not control anything, does not affect anything, but simply collects and logs all sorts of different parameters. This is regular celeron with WinXP-Pro SP2.

    I noticed a nice number of days in uptime for image

    254 days without rebooting, how nice ... I was interested in one or two byte days in Windows;) I decided to wait a couple of days and see what happens.

    Here's what happened the next day: I took a photo here, preparing in advance for the exclamations “Photoshop!” ;)
    Until hours, there were 18 hours and a few minutes. I look forward to ...

    The next day, when I got to this car, it was after a reboot. Raising the logs and checking the time, I found that the reboot occurred just at the time when the number of days in uptime was to change, it was early morning, there was no one near this machine, the power did not disappear, and there are quite serious ups .

    So there you go. As my observation showed, WindowsXP cannot live for more than 256 days. If any of you, dear Khabrovites, have made such observations, please share.
    I googled on this topic, found several forums where people claim that WinXP lived for over a year without rebooting, but I don’t really trust those forums.

    PS I foresee discussions on the topic of security and the need for a reboot when installing updates, but this issue is beyond the scope of this publication.

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