Google WebRTC, WebGL, and Go Demo

    Google showed one of its experiments in using the latest features of web technologies - the CubeSlam game , where you can play with a friend via the Internet, if your browser also supports WebRTC.

    The game itself is quite simple, and its graphics are “pixelated” (probably for the sake of performance). Gameplay - throwing a die that moves along the playing field and which must be repelled at the right time. In the process, you can knock down various obstacles, getting something like achievements; sometimes the game is animated by the "audience" in the form of animals roaming around.

    In addition to playing with the computer, or rather, with the bear Bob, you can play it with a friend - for this you need to send him a link and the game will let you know when the offer is accepted. If a friend wants to turn on the webcam, then he will be visible in real time on the board of the playing field and you can fully communicate with him.

    Thus, the main advantage of CubeSlam is, of course, not entertainment or gameplay, but a demonstration of the possibilities of interactive user interaction only through the browser.

    Moreover, for developers there is a detailed description of the technologies used. So, on the link " Technology", you can find out that the game uses the Google Cloud Platform, the getUserMedia API is used to access the webcam and microphone, and the RTCDataChannel is responsible for exchanging gameplay data of both players. The

    source code for CubeSlam written in Go is available here .

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