XBMC 12.3 DSPlayer + SmoothVideo Project = Dreams Come True

Good health to all, dear hawkers.
Having searched a bit on both topics, XBMC + SVP realized that both had a sufficient number of fans and interested people.

Many know XBMC, some know SVP. But what DSPlayer is and how to use them together, I think it will be interesting to read at least for general development.
So, I ask everyone for a habrakat.

1. XBMC DSPlayer

XBMC DSPlayer is a DirectShow-based player for XBMC .
DSPlayer supports hardware acceleration DXVA (works in Windows XP, Vista and 7, 8), DXVA2 (only Vista, 7, 8), as well as the connection of any custom DirectShow filters (FFDShow, AC3Filter, AVSplitter, Haali Media Splitter ...).
For video output, the video renderers VMR9 (Win XP) and EVR (Win Vista, 7, 8) from the MPC-HC player with the ability to fine-tune video rendering are used.
In addition, DSPlayer is the only way to enable XBMC to work together with the SmoothVideo Project (SVP) video playback fusion package.
At the same time, the rest of the XBMC functionality remained unchanged, since DSPlayer is fully integrated with the XBMC interface.

Initially, 0wing began work on DSPlayer by posting a topic on the official forum and posting code on github .
Literally in 10 days I came across this development and I can say that I still use it.
Over time, the developer abandoned his work, and if not for our compatriot, who continued his work, then such a wonderful product would have died out.
Someone knows him as Eduard_K, someone as viod.

Major corrections and additions:

- Fixed the problem with rewinding and mouse navigation on the progress bar.
- More reliable graphing.
- Ability to enable DSPlayer through the GUI.
- Ability to use system DirectShow filters.
- Support for Blu-ray title (only with AVSplitter).
- Support for Matroska Editions (only with AVSplitter and Haali Splitter).
- Improved filter connection mechanism.
- Support for iMON LCD / VFD displays.

Screenshots of highlights:

Official fixes XBMC Frodo 12.2 to version 12.3 XBMC 12.3 - Frodo fixes!
An extended menu for selecting audio tracks and subtitles has been added to the DSPlayer builds.
As well as corrections:
++ Bug with creating thumbnails in the bookmarks window.
++ Saving settings in the Video Settings window for PVR channels.
++ Definition of Refresh Rate.
++ Switching PVR channels from the window of the class CGUIDialogPlayerControls.


XBMC DSPlayer 12.3 “Frodo”
XBMCSetup-20131228-c748d5e-dsplayer_12.3-Frodo.exe 53.2 MB ( 55,842,373 bytes)

XBMC DSPlayer 13.1 “Gotham” (Russian custom build)
The assembly includes:
++ Russian virtual keyboard.
++ seppius-xbmc-repo code.google.com/p/seppius-xbmc-repo


How to use the DSPlayer in the original http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=HOW -TO: _Using_DSPlayer
How to use DSPlayer-ohm in my translation Nastroyka_DSPlayer

2. SmoothVideo Project (SVP)

Let me remind you a little what it is.

SVP allows you to watch movies on a computer with maximum smoothness and high dynamic clarity, while the smoothness of movement is provided by adding new frames to the video sequence containing intermediate positions of objects.
Today, such technologies are used in mid-range televisions and projectors of the highest price range, while SVP has several key advantages:
- SVP is absolutely free and free of any advertising, video output via SVP can be configured to any viewer in the house / apartment, SVP gives great smoothness than most hardware technologies, and has the most flexible settings,
SVP is not limited to input “signal” formats, it works with any video, including 3D.
- SVP can use the power of modern video cards that support the open OpenCL standard to reduce the load on the processor and increase the quality of calculation, while all modern AMD and NVIDIA video cards are supported.

More details can be found here http://www.svp-team.com/wiki/Main_Page/ru

3. Crossbreeding

From the XBMC Wiki, we already know that filters are configured in the filtersconfig.xml file, and filters are bound to containers in the mediasconfig.xml file. Files are located in the XBMC installation directory system \ players \ dsplayer \.
To get the result, you need a clean, uncluttered by all sorts of K-Lites system installed by SVP, AVSplitter, XBMC DSPlayer.
In the player’s configs, it is necessary to register additional filters that work with SVP.
I bring my config, in which it is possible both hardware decoding of heavy video and melting it with a video card.
In order to begin to understand DSPlayer and its work together with SVP, just copy the code below into standard configuration files. The only thing worth mentioning is the need to configure the processing of all types of video in the FFdshow RAW decoder.

Also, the LAV Video decoder is used in the config for hardware decoding of the video stream. In order for FFdshow RAW to be able to intercept and process it, you need to set the DXVA2 (copy-back) mode in the decoder settings for AMD video cards so that the frames are returned back to memory. For nVidia cardholders, there is a choice between DXVA2 (copy-back) and NVIDIA CUVID modes, which provide some goodies in the form of adaptive hardware deinterlacing, high-quality deinterlacing processing, and hardware-accelerated MPEG-4 video. You need to choose depending on the power of the card. Usually empirically, because it depends heavily on the rest of the computer configuration. Owners of Intel video cards can also choose either DXVA2 (copy-back) or the native Quic Sync which, like nVidia, provides additional features in the form of hardware deinterlacing.


And finally, in the XBMC settings, make DSPlayer the default player and disable the "Use system filters" setting.

The beauty is that everyone can write this config for themselves, taking into account their wishes and preferences.

LAVSplitter.ax{B98D13E7-55DB-4385-A33D-09FD1BA26338}LAV Splitter Source{D8980E15-E1F6-4916-A10F-D7EB4E9E10B8}AV SourceLAVSplitter.ax{171252A0-8820-4AFE-9DF8-5C92B2D66B04}LAV Splitter{529A00DB-0C43-4F5B-8EF2-05004CBE0C6F}AV Splitter{EE30215D-164F-4A92-A4EB-9D4C13390F9F}LAV Video Decoder{0B390488-D80F-4A68-8408-48DC199F0E97}FFdshow RAW{E8E73B6B-4CB3-44A4-BE99-4F7BCB96E491}LAV Audio Decoder


By substituting permissions in the "extra" section, you can adjust the video resolutions to which the merging will be applied.

Thanks for attention.

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