The launch of OneWeb satellites was postponed due to problems with the "Union"

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In the middle of January of this year, Roscosmos announced the launch of OneWeb satellites with the help of Soyuz launch vehicles. Previously, the partners signed a contract worth about a billion rubles - the majority of OneWeb satellites had to go into orbit using Russian rockets.

“Roskosmos” even went against the will of the FSB, the department was displeased with the participation of the state corporation in the deployment of a global network, which could not be controlled. The first launches were to be held the other day. But there were problems with the “Union”, so the launch had to be postponed, as Vedomosti wrote .

“The rocket has a problem because of which it is necessary to postpone the launch. Our satellites are in order and ready to go, ”said Greg Wyler, head of OneWeb.

A technical check revealed problems at the upper stage of the Fregat launch vehicle. Additional systems are being tested and their impact on launch is being evaluated. In OneWeb said that the joint work on preparing the launch vehicle and OneWeb satellites for launch continues.

The launch should be carried out from the Kourou space center in French Guiana in February. As for the fault, this is a leak in the weld of the tank for the oxidizer. It was found only when refueling with an oxidizing agent.

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