Warner bros and NBC Universal demanded the removal of the Mega file hosting address from Google search results

    The new file hosting site of Kim Dotcom, dubbed Mega, is still alive and well. Nevertheless, complaints about search services have already gone to this resource. The other day, Hollywood Studios Warner Bros. and NBC Universal demanded the removal of the Mega address (mega.co.nz) from Google search results. In this case, the application was submitted not in relation to any particular material (for example, a film), as is usually the case, but in relation to the entire resource.

    Generally speaking, now Google receives literally millions of such applications weekly. Of course, not a single company is able to track such a volume of information (if we are talking about “manual” verification), since no one will hire tens of thousands of employees just to check “abusive” links.

    Nevertheless, most of the applications are satisfied, since Google itself often uses an automatic system to remove abusive links from the issuance. How the evaluation of the application is carried out is not known, but some evaluation is still carried out.

    According to the NBC studio, from the main page of Mega there is a link to an illegal copy of the film "Mama". Warner bros he also accuses Mega of posting and distributing the same illegal copy of the film "Gangster Squad".

    Of course, Dotkom has already managed to give a bunch of negative comments on this topic, assessing the requirements of the studios as illegal.

    The requirement of both studios was not satisfied by Google, but the problem is that neither Mega nor other resources are insured in the future from deleting their addresses from Google search results after submitting a similar application (or many such applications). The same studios may again start bombarding Google with similar requests to remove not individual links, but the entire resource (it doesn’t matter already, Mega, or any other). And next time, the removal script, this time leaving the Mega address in the search results, may not be so "objective".

    Via torrentfreak

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