Solar Impulse successfully completed the Phoenix-Dallas flight (1,541 kilometers)

    On Habré, more than once or twice , news was published about the Swiss project of the “solar” aircraft Solar Impulse , which receives energy from photocells. This plane has already broken many records, and literally tonight it became known about the successful completion of the flight along the Phoenix-Dallas route.

    The total length of the path of the aircraft was 1,541 kilometers, with a maximum height of about 8,200 meters. The speed of the aircraft, as one might expect, is low - only 84 kilometers per hour (of course, this is not a jet plane). The whole journey was done in 18 hours, so the pilot had a hard time, since there is simply no autopilot in this aircraft.

    The weight of the “solar” aircraft is 1.6 tons, which is absolutely nothing compared to the same A340, whose weight is 370 tons. To obtain enough energy, the aircraft body, its wings and stabilizer are covered with photocells, the number of which reaches 12 thousand. The battery weighs 400 kilograms, a Li-ion battery is needed to store energy during the day so that you can move at night.

    According to the developers, the pilot of such an aircraft can be in the air for as long as he wants, since there is no need to go down for refueling. Of course, the pilot gets tired, he needs food, there are other needs. Therefore, so far the maximum record for staying in the air on this plane is 26 hours. The record was set by the pilot (and one of the founders of the project) Andre Borschberg, this time the plane was piloted by Bertrand Picard.

    In 2015, it is planned to make a trip around the world on a Solar Impulse airplane. Most likely, the flight will be staged, with intermediate landings for pilots to rest. But for this class of aircraft (and for many other types of aircraft), round-the-world travel is a very noticeable achievement.

    Via bbc

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