Fujitsu Stylistic M532 Tablet

    Carrying a laptop all the time is quite problematic. Too much weight. Netbooks are too simple and are suitable, perhaps, for students and schoolchildren. Ultrabooks are a good solution, but their weight anyway, as a rule, exceeds more than one kilogram. Yes, and the price bites. Can a regular tablet computer become a full replacement and provide the necessary versatility, provide a respectable look and at the same time not weigh down the burden, and wallet, on the contrary, not make it easier?
    Perhaps the Fujitsu Stylistic M532 fits all of these categories. Let's try to figure it out.

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    Options and appearance

    So, open the box. Warranty cards, a brief instruction that fits on one sheet, the power supply and, in fact, the Stylistic M532 itself.

    The Fujitsu Stylistic M532 tablet is positioned as a business tablet. It has a strict design and is made in black. The thickness of the device is 8.6 mm with a weight of 560 grams. If you look at the reviews of the first users on the Internet, many have already noted the slim body of the Stylistic M532. Thanks to this, he not only comfortably lies in the hand, but also takes up little space in the briefcase / bag. Almost like a folder with documents.

    When choosing a mobile assistant, build quality plays an important role. If it is not so critical for a laptop, then in the case of a tablet, tactile sensations play an important role. Any backlash, sharp edges or mediocre plastic are noticed almost immediately and subsequently cause only irritation to the user. In relation to the Stylistic M532, they came to this scrupulously. Everything is verified, tailored and made to last. It’s a pleasure to hold the device in your hands. The only negative - the light sensor is located in the upper right corner and is often closed by hand. For this reason, sometimes the device incorrectly sets the screen brightness level.


    Screen size 25.7 cm (10.1 inches), resolution 1280x800, TFT-matrix provides comfortable viewing angles. The backlight is quite even, without any dimming. By the way, the widescreen screen is convenient not only when watching movies, but also when working with some programs, as the landscape orientation provides additional space for the menu.

    There are complaints on the network about the not quite accurate operation of the touch screen. Browsers were also capricious. Most often, Firefox delivered troubles. When changing the screen orientation, rendering was often performed incorrectly. However, these, as well as some other problems, are by no means connected with the device, but with the operating system. The Stylistic M532 went on sale with Android 4.0, with updating the firmware to a newer version of Jelly Bean, most of the problems are solved.

    Wireless communications

    After examining the exterior of the device, we will check its sociability.
    The tablet can communicate with the outside world through all popular means. Already only a wireless Wi-Fi network is more than enough to access the World Wide Web. The benefit of free points can now be found in any city. And the AzureWave AW-AH663 chip works with all the popular 802.11 standards. As they say, from A to N. The reception level cannot be called outstanding. Many laptops keep the connection more confident, but in the case of a fairly light and thin tablet PC, this can be called a good result.

    If you have to spend a lot of time on the road, then, of course, the use of 3G / UMTS cellular networks will be useful. Everything is simple here: just buy a regular SIM card.

    Connection to a computer is carried out using regular Micro-USB. After connecting, the user is free to do whatever he wants with the files: copy to or from the tablet. Additionally, you do not need to install anything on a PC.


    A few words about the power supply, which is also adapted for traveling around the world. It allows the use of nozzles of different standards, which eliminates the need for adapters. Two forks included. Type C, which is used in Russia, and type G, whose homeland is Great Britain.

    By the way, not micro-USB is used for charging, but a unique connector. Some users on the World Wide Web mark this as one of the disadvantages of the device, as it creates unnecessary trouble. However, the use of such a connector is due to the fact that a dock is optionally available for the Stylistic M532.

    A cradle is purchased separately. On it, the user has two USB, HDMI, as well as audio connectors. This allows you to turn a simple tablet into a desktop computer.

    Battery life at a decent level. Over 6 hours of HD movie playback with Wi-Fi turned on. For testing, we used an MKV file compressed with an H.264 codec with a resolution of 1024x576 and a bitrate of 2950 Kbps. It turns out that during this time you can have time to watch 4 films of medium duration.

    In the AnTuTu Tester benchmark, the battery lasted 155 minutes with a 100% load on the system. According to the program, this corresponds to 467 points. The indicator is quite good, although not a record. However, again, it is worth remembering that the manufacturer fit the battery with a capacity of 3170 mAh.
    If we talk about everyday use, then a full charge is more than enough for a whole day with Wi-Fi turned on and working on the Web and office applications.


    Adjust the operating system to your needs is not difficult. You can find almost everything you need in the Play Market. And naturally the question arises of how much the tablet is ready for change, or rather, what is the size of the hard drive. In the younger version of the model (32 GB), 26.5 GB is provided for the needs of the user. And, of course, you can increase the capacity via microSD. Officially supported memory cards up to 32 GB.

    A selection of applications for various occasions is preinstalled in his memory. For example, ThinkFree Office Pro is a convenient and functional program for working with documents, spreadsheets and presentations. All popular formats are supported. Including new Microsoft extensions - docx, xlsx, pptx. Moreover, interaction with online file storage services is implemented here: ThinkFree Online, and, most importantly, Google Drive.

    In order to make navigation through local files easier, ES Explorer is already installed on the hard drive. This program is even better than the well-known Total Commander. In addition to its direct responsibilities, it allows you to work with a network, FTP, and also has utilities for diagnosing and configuring your tablet PC in its kit.

    Particular attention to work in corporate networks. Here you can note TouchDown for SmartPhones, which allows you to configure the work with the Exchange server. There are also two virtualization applications at once: Citrix Receiver and VMware View.


    Included with the device offers antivirus from Symantec. Norton Mobile Security is licensed for one year. It checks not only the files on the media and the SD card, but also when visiting websites.

    And since we are talking about security ... Unfortunately, it is impossible to exclude force majeure such as the loss or theft of a device. But if it stores a lot of important data that is not intended for prying eyes, then this becomes a big problem. Of course, you need to set the encryption and password. It is also possible to control the tablet remotely using a product from AbsoluteSoftware. The program allows you to find out its location (coordinates are determined using GPS). If you can’t return the missing Stylistic M532, you can lock the device and also completely delete data from it.


    It’s a matter of time, but also an hour of fun. On board the NVIDIA Tegra 3 T30S with a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor clocked at 1.4 GHz. It supplies data to it for processing 1 GB DDR2 RAM. A similar set is enough to while away time for games. Such a set is enough to while away the time for games designed specifically for Tegra chips. There are more and more interesting developments. So far, the number of 3D-optimized products optimized for Tegra is not too many. Therefore, the main entertainment is cinema. Playing movies in HD quality does not cause any difficulties on the tablet PC. The system capacity is quite enough for this task.

    Performance, however, falls short after some time after using the tablet. Some of the users on the Internet note this as one of the drawbacks. And if the tests still show normal operation, then the user's eye immediately clings to annoying jerks even in the simplest applications. It is likely that in this case the error lies in the software. We hope that in future updates these minor bugs will also be fixed.


    Naturally, Android knows how to handle video and music, but just in case, on board the Stylistic M532 there is PowerDVD Mobile. And do not be confused by the name. The program recognizes not only video, but also graphic and audio files.

    Speaking of vocal data. It is clear that for many devices it is enough to use high-quality headphones in order to enjoy music or pass the time for an interesting movie. But the Stylistic M532, among other things, has two speakers on the back. Their sound, of course, can not compete with a good stereo system, but it will easily give odds to most budget speakers.


    Fujitsu Stylistic M532 is optimized to work as much as possible: from the iron filling to the programs that are included. Under certain conditions, even a seemingly simple tablet will become a convenient working machine. For example, when using a dock. However, nothing human is alien to him - all kinds of entertainment for every taste from music to modern games. The price, by the way, is also very affordable. At the time of writing, the average price in Moscow stores was about 15 thousand rubles. Thus, the device can be affordable and a student.

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