Mini-review of a dental photopolymer 3D-printer MoonRay S

    Introducing you to a professional dental photopolymer DLP 3D-printer is a US company SprintRay Moonray the S .

    Moonray s


    • Technology: stereolithography, MIP DLP
    • Printing area, mm: 130 x 80 x 200
    • Resolution XY, micron: 100
    • Thickness of a layer, micron: 20/50/100
    • Print speed, mm / h: 3.81 / 12.7 / 25.4
    • Projector: RayOne UV DLP Projector (1 million pixels)
    • Chip: Texas Instruments DLP Chip
    • LED: 405 nm, blue-violet
    • Resource, h, up to: 50 000
    • Bath life, l, up to: 50
    • Connection, direct: Wi-Fi b / g / n
    • Connection, local network: Wi-Fi b / g / n, Ethernet Cable
    • Shipping Weight, kg: 23
    • Shipping Size mm: 560 x 560 x 860
    • Size of the printer, mm: 380 x 380 x 500
    • Price, rubles, approximately: 350 000


    - MoonRay 3D Printer
    - Bath
    - Replaceable drum for the bath
    - Platform
    - Polymer liter
    - Finishing set
    - Power adapter
    - Network cable (Ethernet)

    About the printer

    This is not the first MoonRay model on the market. Previous had a good time to work and prove itself.

    The SprintRay company manufactures MoonRay printers for dentists, this is the MoonRay S model, and jewelers, the MoonRay D model. These are specialized stereolithography photopolymers based on the MIP DLP technology.

    The model for dentistry, MoonRay S, has an enlarged construction area: the maximum print size is 130 x 80 x 200 millimeters.

    Detailing on the X and Y axes of the MoonRay S is 100 microns, the layer thickness depends on the speed: 20 μm at 3.81 mm / h, 50 at 12.7 mm / hour and 100 at 25.4.

    SprintRay has developed its own dental photopolymers.

    The MoonRay software also includes ready-made profiles for the popular dental materials NextDent .

    Price MoonRay S in Russia will be about 350 thousand rubles. In the full review of the printer we, most likely, will inform already exact price.

    The tub is designed for a “mileage” of 30-50 liters of polymer and is completed with a replaceable drum, the replacement of which will cost about a hundred dollars. Replacing the bath entirely cost two hundred.

    You have to understand that, with this resource and dental use, the entire printer will pay for itself much earlier than this information is useful to you.

    The cost of ownership and operation is noticeably lower than that of Formlabs Form 2.

    Moreover, the materials for MoonRay are two times cheaper than the “native” materials Formlabs.


    Printers are bundled with SprintRay software, which has many settings, including convenient and fast management of adjustments and the addition of supports.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    The pros are obvious. This accuracy and cost of ownership and, most likely, the convenience of work. In more detail about them, as well as about minuses, we will write in the full review which we prepare for the publication in the near future.


    We liked what we saw at the exhibition, SprintRay printers and print samples. We are preparing a review with a video and a test print of various materials, in which we will tell about MoonRay S in detail.

    Follow our posts - full video reviews and articles not only about MoonRay S, but also about several other updates will be released soon.

    If you are a dentist or a jeweler, please contact us at and we will select the most suitable 3D printer for you to work with.

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