IP-PBX based on 3CX Phone System: features and settings

    In this post we would like to consider the possibilities and briefly talk about connecting 3CX Phone System - one of the most popular SIP PBXs (which, by the way, was updated on May 2 to the 12th alpha version).

    Software PBX from 3CX is well known all over the world and in Russia in particular (according to Sipnet, this is more than 12% of all Russian subscribers). The situation in the world is even more rosy (a study by WindowsNetworking.com):

    1 3CX Phone System for Windows 27%
    2 Cisco Unified Communications Manager 24%
    3 Asterisk 23%
    4 Sphericall IP PBX 3%
    5 CommuniGate Pro 3%
    6 Axon Virtual PBX System 2%
    7 Dial-Office IP-PBX 2%
    8 Icecom Multimedia PBX 1%
    9 Brekeke PBX 1%
    10 Other 14%

    There are many reasons for the popularity of 3CX: a simple connection to public telecom operators and local providers that support the SIP protocol, the ability to connect SIP PBXs to the channels of a traditional telephone network through special analog gateways. Almost everything is supported by 3CX: IP phones Aastra, Grandstream, Yealink, Cisco, Linksys, Snom and gateways Linksys, Patton, Portech, Grandstream, AddPac, PCI-cards Sangoma.

    Connecting 3CX to a VoIP carrier is a trivial process. For example, this is how the connection to the same Sipnet looks:

    1. First, go through registration on www.sipnet.ru , get a test login and password for the service, and then start 3CX Phone System, go to the VOIP tab Operators> Add Operator
    2. Select the Generic Voip Provider and specify its name
    3. As the SIP server and Outgoing proxy, specify sipnet.ru, the rest of the settings as in the picture image
    4. Enter the password and login received during registration, specify the external number or SIP ID and number image
    5 . Then you can choose where the incoming calls must come during working and non-working hours image
    6. After setting the rules for access to the line and possible reserve routes, connection should be successfully set
    7. it remains in "ports / trunks status" to verify that the provider is successfully REGISTERED I.image

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    By the way, what software for IP-PBX is used in your organization?

    • 18.5% 3CX Phone System 37
    • 64.8% Asterisk 129
    • 0% Sphericall 0
    • 0.5% CommuniGate Pro 1
    • 0% Axon Virtual PBX System 0
    • 0% Dial-Office IP-PBX 0
    • 0% Icecom Multimedia PBX 0
    • 0% Brekeke PBX 0
    • 16% Other 32

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