Are we not heroes? Mission for the company

    Quite often, the question of writing a company’s mission arises when a discussion of the site’s structure begins, or rather, about us. History, structure, employees, mission ... And what is it in general and what for is it necessary?

    Mission identification

    In a good way, a mission is part of a company's positioning strategy. Which, as we know, is most often absent at the start. Because when starting his own business with himself and a couple of diggers, the entrepreneur thinks not about philosophy, values ​​and other beautiful, but extremely ephemeral things, but about the most pressing tasks: where to get the dough, find dudes who are ready to work for future prospects, like Do not burn out and quickly and permanently resolve the resulting jambs.

    Nevertheless, if you thoroughly shock the owner so that he begins to move his brains in this direction, it will most miraculously turn out that he has everything: brand philosophy, values, and mission. At least at the level of vague mystical sensations, on the basis of which he regularly makes certain decisions (for example, which of you basically does not work with kickbacks?). You just need to ask the right questions - and formulate.

    And more specifically?

    To formulate a mission, you need to ask yourself a flurry of banal, at first glance, questions that are very useful, upon closer examination.

    For instance. That's all you do - what is it for? What principles do you follow when doing business? Improve quality or reduce cost? To make the service and goods available for the maximum number of people or to serve a handful of the chosen ones in full? Offer unified solutions or piece of product that is amazing? For whom is the existence of your company and all that it produces important? For customers, employees, partners? Who is more important to you, what do you do for them and what do you want to do? What global goals do you set for yourself? How does what you do affect people's lives? What, ideally, are the positive changes your business will bring to the world? And specifically, your target audience?

    What happens if you answer these questions:

    “We are confident that through the development of technology and innovation, we will find answers to the challenges of tomorrow. Technologies give rise to opportunities: for business growth, for the involvement of citizens of developing countries in the digital economy, and finally, for the growth of every person.

    Our goal is to develop innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets, make people's lives better and continue to strengthen Samsung's position as a market leader. "

    " Facebook was not originally created as a company. It was made to achieve a social goal - to make the world more open and strengthen ties between people.

    Facebook seeks to create services that give people the opportunity to share everything that they consider necessary to share with each other, and in turn help them transform many institutions and industries ”- Mark Zuckerberg

    “ We will deliver the most beautiful and popular to the market in the world of casual clothes. We will dress the whole world ”- Levi's

    “ Aeroflot 's mission is to help passengers realize their life plans and dreams - to work efficiently, have a good rest, meet family and friends, discover new countries and cities. ”

    And from personal copywriting experience: “Yes, we want my grandmother to see the number a couple of zeros lower in a ticket for heat!” (Manufacturer of heat exchangers).

    But really, is it necessary?

    A small construction team that finds customers "by acquaintance" is like an umbrella to a fish. A small IT company? Or a fashion startup? A large network company?

    Do not waste your time developing a company mission if your company does not already have one. This is a loss of both time and money. 99% of the company’s employees do not remember her. The company's mission has practically no effect on your customers and partners. This is a fashion. She will pass ”

    So authoritatively claimed authoritative "marketer" Igor Mann in "Marketing at 100%. The Remix. ” And then he changed his mind, held several workshops on writing a “wow mission” and began to clarify in other sources that only 90% of companies do not need a mission. And if you agree with this, the question immediately arises: who are these notorious 10%, who can’t do without a mission?

    It's time to take up Claudia and start thinking about the mission if:

    In addition to it, you have nothing to tell about yourself
    And you do not want to become the author of the next masterpiece from the series: “a young dynamically developing company ...”. And you need to tell about yourself: to customers, partners, investors and a crowd of other important people. In such cases, the choice is not great: either honestly and interestingly about the mission, values, competitive advantages of cooperation and the cooperation interaction scheme - or keep quiet like partisans.

    Want to rebuild on the scale of
    "All major brands have a mission, and if we have it, we will look cool too" - this has its own rational grain. A solid design, calm pathos text, high-quality photos and a beautifully listed list of goals - it works.


    Mission is one of your competitive advantages.
    Social responsibility is not just a beautiful flag that you are waving, but a real position and you want to declare it openly, and what is there to hide - to play. Caring for the environment? Why be silent: speak, write, show how you do it.


    You are a startup.
    Guess why?

    Someone brings good and justice to the world, and I stupidly carry a bag of dough

    Let's discuss all against it right away:

    Mission is dust in the eyes of customers
    From this point of view, any advertisement is dusting of brains. Only one works, and the other does not. With missions the same story.

    Mission is a method of zombifying employees
    Alas, the people around us are not so idiots as we would like sometimes. And employees are no exception. If people sincerely love the brand in which they work, sincerely share its values ​​and call their acquaintances in colleagues, there is nothing wrong with that. Take a close look at McDonalds’s corporate environment and talk to one of the network marketing agents. Yes, they have an unhealthy gleam in their eyes. Yes, it looks a little scary. But it brings profit to the company and makes these people happy. Why not?

    The mission is always lying, because it idealizes.
    Do not want to lie - be honest. Who is interfering? Bold, by the way, the seas obey. Let's recall the persona widely known in narrow circles: “without garbage” is also a mission.

    How to come up with a mission out of the blue

    If you really want to come up with a beautiful mission for yourself, but the only reason your company exists is the desire to make a profit, then you are too lazy to think. And it’s okay, everyone has already come up with crowds of philosophers, sociologists, economists, and people who simply love to work with the brain. Take, customize for yourself and use:

    Principles that suit everyone:


    A dentist does not need a good mission

    When you open the site of the next major Russian holding and see a sheet of pompous phrases, then you begin to suffocate not with delight.

    Ok, don't do that. After all, there are no tablets on which the covenant is broken “the mission of the company should be so boring that everyone who reads it bites its teeth” does not exist.

    Be ironic, original and sincere. He sees his brother-in-law from afar: it will only attract your customers.

    Worth a peek :: missions of famous companies

    Whether to cry, or laugh: Lukoil

    And finally, face palm in the end:
    “Sharing responsibility to God, our own conscience, past, present and future generations - spreading our own example of righteousness, peace and joy in business activities, in the relationship between people inside the company and beyond, in the global market. ” Valenta Mobile.

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