Crowdsourcing and UFOs, what's in common?

    It would seem that in common between crowdsourcing and UFOs? Nevertheless, it was thanks to this method of financing that enthusiasts who were tired of waiting for reliable information about aliens from their governments collected the necessary funds to take matters into their own hands and make a documentary about UFOs on the basis of their own collected data in this area.

    The premiere of the film “Sirius” / “Sirius Documentary” is today on April 22 in Hollywood at 8 pm PST.

    They promise to show the body of the creature, allegedly found in 2002 in the Atacama Desert, Chile. The premiere of the film was delayed just for conducting high-quality DNA analysis, which lasted until April.
    Yes, yes, it all started with kickstarter.

    We look and applaud crowdsourcing.

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