Applications for Sony NEX-6

    In the Sony NEX-6 camera, you can buy applications, well, just like you buy for your smartphones.

    The full list of applications is here:

    I first downloaded a free application that allows you to control the camera from a smartphone - the camera starts working like a Wifi spot, the phone connects to it and you see what it sees on it camera, you can enter exposure compensation, press the shutter, see the result. Very cool. You can put it in the women's bath and watch from behind the walls.

    Then I bought the following applications (it was not easy to buy, because they are not officially sold in Israel):

    1. Time lapse.

    Allows the camera to take pictures at regular intervals, and then either save it as many pictures or make videos from them.

    Here is the result:

    2. Multishot
    Makes a "multiple exposure". There are many options for stitching pictures that go to the background, to the foreground. In principle, if a moving object intersects with itself in different pictures, it is not always possible to do something good.

    Two examples:

    3. Multiframe NR
    Reduce noise at high ISO, by shooting multiple frames and adding them.

    For example, I selected a shot that was shot on AUTO-ISO (the camera chose ISO 3200) from the balcony at night. The area with pieces of different brightness was enlarged


    RAW, iso 3200, without processing, conversion to Lightroom:

    RAW, iso 3200, noise reduction in Lightroom:

    Multiframe NR (jpeg), without processing:

    In general, I like the trend. If they open the API and do something like the AppStore, then it will be very interesting.

    Also popular now: