SpaceX for the first time re-uses the Falcon 9 Block 5 rocket today

    May 11 SpaceX launched a new, optimized for reuse, Block 5, a modification of the rocket Falcon 9. Just before the launch of Ars Technica Mask asked how much time will pass before we will see the launch of already used accelerator 5. Block

    «We will be very careful when disassembling the vehicle and confirmation design changes to make sure that we can use the rocket without re-scattering. Ironic; we need to disassemble the rocket to confirm that it does not need to be disassembled. ”

    Apparently, this process did not take much time, because in less than 3 months, this accelerator is again at the launching pad for the geostationary mission, which is scheduled to start on Monday night. SpaceX plans to launch the Merah Putih satellite on the TRP in a two hour window that opens at 1:18 EST, or 5:18 UTC on Tuesday. The launch will be made from Starting Complex 40, which is located at Cape Canaveral Air Force, Florida. SpaceX will attempt to land the first stage on an unmanned ship Of Course I Still Love You .

    Despite the small amount of SpaceX official information about the progress of the Block 5 check, everything indicates that the check was successful. The successful launch of the 5.8 ton Merah Putih satellite suggests that SpaceX will be able to launch the first stage for the third time at the end of this year.

    It is worth remembering that SpaceX for the first time reused the first stage only in March 2017. At that time when you launched the SES-10 satellite, they used Block 4, which was launched for the first time 12 months ago. Therefore, a period of less than 3 months to re-launch Block 5 indicates the success of modifications made by SpaceX to optimize the launch of its missiles.

    And as usual, SpaceX will conduct a live broadcast of the launch of its rocket. The webcast should start about 15 minutes before launch.

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