Problems of making payments for airline tickets over the Internet and their solutions

The purpose of the article : cost savings when buying air tickets (applies to other Internet payments).
The article is devoted to the main problems of buying airline tickets over the Internet using debit bank cards using the example of MasterCard. The article described. how to pay with a debit card instead of a credit and how to return a commission for a cashless payment.

Debit card payment

So, the desired flight is selected, the personal data is filled out and we go to the ticket payment window:

Here we are waiting for the first surprise: in the drop-down list it is noted that debit cards such as Visa Debit and MasterCard Debit are not served. Many holders of debit cards at this place stop the payment procedure and start frantically looking for friends and friends of friends with a credit card that is not the most popular in Russia. In fact, the company simply can’t serve only a credit card and not service a debit card - since there is no way (other than manually choosing a client) to distinguish them. The restriction is more likely connected with the psychological approach to debit cards in the West. Therefore, we can safely choose MasterCard Credit (for MasterCard holders) or Visa Credit (for Visa card holders) and continue booking.

Refund of commission for cashless payments

After choosing the type of card, observant users may notice that the cost of tickets has increased by 5 Euros. This is a “Credit Card Surcharge” - a fee for using a credit card.

In some companies, such a commission can reach 20 Euro per person. But there is good news: the company has no right to charge this commission. According to the rules of the payment system, both Visa and MasterCard, a fee for a bank transfer is charged from the Seller, and not from the Cardholder. The exception is the United States. Since 2013, it is permissible for the United States to charge a fee from the Cardholder for non-cash transactions, but not more than 4%.
Unfortunately, when filling out an electronic payment, we cannot “cancel” the indicated commission, but we will be able to challenge it at our bank later after the transaction.
To do this:
  • To come to the Bank where you are servicing, you must have a document with you about the operation in which the payment parts are line-by-line and the sum of the main service and the amount of the commission for cashless payments are highlighted in a separate line. The necessary statements are provided by most European companies. If such an extract is not provided to challenge the commission will fail.
  • Under the guidance of a bank representative (specialist of the plastic cards department), it is necessary to draw up a statement and challenge a part of the operation (by no means the entire transaction - you will be left without tickets) for the amount of the commission, enclosing a printout with payment data. The item is difficult to implement for cardholders of Sberbank or another in excess of a large bank (these guys rarely bother with such things).
  • Nothing more is required of you - all the claim work is carried out by the Bank. The Bank is also obliged to notify you of the results of the work.

It is worth noting that the commission is not returned with a 100% chance - it all depends on the Bank where you are served. Here cardholders of medium-sized Banks win.


The main confirmation of the materials presented in the article is the personal and professional (business analyst in a banking software development company) author's experience.
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