I waited for someone to write such a thing. I did not wait, I had to write myself.

    Habragolic is an extension for Firefox that displays your karma in the status bar. Designed for Habr fans.

    Installation procedure:
    1. download ;
    2. open through FF;
    3. click on the panel that appears in the statusbar with the inscription "Habrahabr!";
    4. enter your login in the window, click OK;
    5. done.

    Important : the extension displays karma only if you are logged in to Habr!

    - karma is updated every 10 minutes;
    - if you click on the panel, then karma will be updated immediately;
    - karma is torn from a page with the address of the following formatwww.habrahabr.ru/ajax/user_karma.html?login=semenov ;
    - the page from the previous paragraph is available only when you are logged in to Habré;
    - when updating karma, less than one kilobyte of traffic is consumed at a time;
    - if instead of karma you see a sad face, then either there is no connection to the Internet, or you are not logged in to Habré.

    PS: waiting for your feedback.

    UPD : A new version has been released .

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