Choose: FAQ or brainfuck

    One gets the impression that on many sites the FAQ section is created for show - it is weak and frail. Questions and answers, as a rule, are thought up by a copywriter and further “Where are you?” and “What time does the main office work” his fantasy does not move. Yes, and the wording of the answers cause attacks of rage and misunderstanding - they blow from something official.

    Every day, customers ask the same questions to managers over the phone or at a meeting, but it doesn’t occur to anyone to put them on the site. Industry giants, such as Microsoft or Google, do very differently. Not only is any service seasoned with an extensive knowledge base, they are also interested in whether visitors are happy with the information. Can you imagine?

    FAQ or brainfuck

    No need to reinvent the wheel - just look at how the FAQ is implemented by the giants and do the same.

    FAQ or brainfuck

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