What happens to startups after conferences in Silicon Valley? Startup Experience with SVOD Conference

    It is no secret that Silicon Valley abounds with a huge number of different thematic events and conferences. On them you can not only hear a lot of new and interesting from the lips of famous speakers, and even legends, but also show your startup, meet different useful people, exchange experiences, and even raise investments.

    You can find any useful startups events at Meetup or, for example, here . In the Valley, you have to choose the best from the best, since a huge number of interesting meetings are held daily: both huge conferences and small profile meetings.

    And what if it is uncomfortable in a crowd of English-speaking public? Search in the AmBAR Valley andTEC (The Entrepreneurs' Club) . They regularly hold professional events in the Valley, where you can meet compatriots. At TEC club events, you can also give a pitch of the project. Alik Vernitsky, CEO and CoFounder GetGoing , here's how he commented on his participation in the pitch at TEC club events:

    TEC pitch night was a turning point for us - we raised $ 250,000 literally at the event, and the remaining investment almost immediately after. This is all thanks to Anna and Stas *, who taught us how to present startups to investors, introduced us to investors, and moreover, helped us to the very end of raising investments. If I need to raise money again when (although I hope it will not be necessary), my first step will be TEC.

    There is also a large conference gathering a decent amount of Russian-speaking audience, through which it is easier for a startup to “enter” into Silicon Valley - SVOD (Silicon Valley Open Doors) - an annual technology investment conference, held in partnership with TEC club and AmBAR, and regularly gathers in its the walls are an amazing audience - more than 600 participants - investors, startups, entrepreneurs from around the world, including from countries of the former Soviet Union. It is difficult to calculate how many startups have visited SVOD over the past 8 years, and it is also not easy to track what happened to them during this time. Let us recall some of them that were created by our compatriots.

    Evernote- A web service and a set of software for creating and storing notes. Now it is a corporation with a capitalization of $ 2 billion dollars.

    Interview with Phil Libin, CEO of Evernote
    (soon we will post an interview with Evernote founder Stepan Pachikov)

    Viewdle . The first performance of Ukrainian startup Viewdle. In 2012, Google acquired the Ukrainian-American company Viewdle, which developed the technology of automatic face recognition.

    Wrike - a popular online project management service created by our compatriot Andrei Filev, was first presented to the public on SVOD. Wrike recently raised another round of investment - $ 10M from Bain Capital Ventures

    4HomeMedia .Alex Fedoseyev gave a pitch to 4HomeMedia, a home automation network management application. In 2010, 4HomeMedia was sold to Motorola.

    Eccentex - a provider of solutions for dynamic case management. At the conference, Alex Stein raised his investment.

    Wikimart . After a successful performance at SVOD, Maxim Faldin received his first angelic investment. Now this company is a leader in the Russian market, in which tens of millions of dollars have been invested by Western investors, including one of the largest players in the investment market, the Tiger Global fund.

    OktoGo - a Russian hotel booking service online, received its first investment after the successful performance of Marina Kolesnik on SVOD. Now OktoGo is one of the top ten companies in Russia and has raised more than $ 15M dollars from large investors.

    Altergeo- A multifunctional cross-platform geosocial service that allows users to find nearby and choose places to relax, share recommendations and photos with friends, win virtual and real rewards, and also receive discounts and bonuses in urban establishments. Anton Baranchuk spoke at SVOD with the first version of the Wi2Geo service. In the same year, Wi2GEO received seed investment from the AddVenture Foundation. In the fall of 2009, the geolocation service attracted the first round of investments from the Kite Ventures fund. At the moment, the number of AlterGeo users totals about 1 million people.

    Zingaya- Zingaya is now an Internet service for companies, which allows you to organize a new channel for voice communication between website visitors and any company departments. Alexey Aylarov spoke at SVOD with a pitch from ISC / Flashphone, which was later renamed Zingaya.

    ADCO-Engineering (now Advenira) - first performance, audience award, investment from the Rusnano Corporation.

    Competentum - Natalia Soboleva presented her online education project to the American public at SVOD2009. Today, Competentum is one of the recognized leaders in online education.

    eMazeU- Igor Chirashnya introduced technologies that broadcast on the TV any materials sent from cameras and camcorders. In 2010, Zoran Corporation (NASDAQ: ZRAN) was sold to

    GetGoing - the now successful online ticket service GetGoing, received its first investment after playing at SVOD. Later they believed in startup Yuri Milner, TA Venture, Lightbank and Data Collective.

    Kuznech - winners of the SVOD2011 Startup Competition, now a successfully developing startup.

    SVOD Summer 2013
    the Company the Amazing Hiring , Driveway Software , Ittavi , BuildersCloud , TranscribeMe - everyone got the first rounds of investment!

    SVOD Winter 2013 The
    next conference will soon be held - SVOD Winter'13 , which once again will open the doors to a successful future for 20 startups. Let's see what startups take off after it.

    * Anna Dvornikova (http://www.ambarclub.org/anna-dvornikova) - managing director of TEC-Club, managing partner of the TEC Ventures seed fund, founder of the SVOD conference (www.svod.org)
    Stas Hirman (http: / /www.ambarclub.org/stas-khirman) - founder of TEC-Club, serial entrepreneur, partner of the TEC Ventures seed fund

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