The digest of interesting news and materials from the world of PHP for the last two weeks No. 28 (October 6–20, 2013)

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    News and Releases

    • Apigility - At a recent ZendCon conference , the Apigility tool was introduced, which allows you to instantly create applications that implement the REST API on the Zend Framework 2. They also promise integration with Zephir, which will allow users to improve the performance of APIs created using Apigility.
      A video demo is available video, as well as a couple of posts with first impressions and comments: Exploring Apigility , Testing Apigility .
    • PHP 5.5.5 - An update to the latest interpreter branch has been introduced. In addition to a number of corrections, the release also includes an OPCache update: the opcache_compile_file function has been added , which allows you to load a file into the cache without executing it directly.
    • PHP 5.4.21 - The 5.4 branch has also been updated . The release contains a dozen fixes .
    • habrPHP support in the Google App Engine! - In May of this year, support for PHP in the App Engine was announced on Google I / O, and now this feature is available to all users without restrictions.
    • Symfony CMF 1.0.0 - The long-awaited first stable version of Symfony CMF has been released . A detailed look is herehabr .
    • HHVM 2.2.0 - A new version of the virtual machine for PHP from Facebook. HHVM is now available as packages for popular Linux distributions. In addition, the release includes a lot of changes and boasts support for most popular PHP frameworks.
    • Codeception 1.7 - Fresh release of a great testing tool with WebDriver on board.



    • appserver - A multi -threaded application server for PHP to PHP. Fresh interviews with the creators are also available .
    • Clockwork - An extension for the Chrome browser that adds a tab with PHP debugging information to Developer Tools.
    • PlacePhant - Use PHP elephants as placeholder images.
    • Requests - A handy library for making HTTP requests.
    • atoum - A good alternative to PHPUnit for implementing unit testing in PHP.
    • Piwik - Want your Google Analytics statistics tool? Try Piwik.

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