CamTouch project will take part in Microsoft Imagine Cup 2013 final from Ukraine

    Last year, a team of students from Donetsk quadSquad won the international Microsoft Finals Imagine Cup , showing an interactive glove that allows you to transform finger movements into sounds - this in the long run allows dumb and deaf people to communicate without using special gestures, which not everyone can understand.

    This year, the winner of the national Ukrainian final was the project of 16-year-old Andriy Kovalenko from a small town in the Luhansk region Stakhanov. His CamTouch project allows you to interact with programs that are displayed through the projector on some suitable surface, such as a wall, using a laser pointer.

    Below is a short video in which the author quite directly shows the possibilities of his program (unprofessional video in Ukrainian). The bottom line is approximately the following - the interface of the operating system is projected onto the wall through a standard computer projector and all interaction with it (working with windows, drawing in the editor, etc.) is carried out through the image on the wall, or remotely - using a laser pointer on it.

    As far as you can understand, the webcam is responsible for the feedback to the computer - it is unlikely that the laptop is due to its not very good image quality (while the game clearly shows the game Angry Birds). There are no other technical details - for example, the library used for image processing - although it is mentioned in passing that it was actually used.

    To understand the level of competition, it is worth mentioning Andrei's competitors. The HammerBird team from Odessa competed with him with an ecological arcade game and Prismatique with a WinPhone application for teaching preschoolers arithmetic and the basics of logic. Thus, recalling last year’s winners, one cannot fail to notice that the jury is much more inclined towards practical solutions “which can be touched” than to abstract products.

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