The programmer identified his sources in the Hollywood movie

    Information Security Specialist with site with a pleasant surprise found out that Hollywood filmmakers have used the source code in one of the scenes of the new film.

    Naturally, the program’s functionality is not related to the plot of the film, the code is simply stupidly inserted into the video sequence. But the author is still satisfied. Not every programmer manages to see his creation in the cinema, even for 3-4 seconds, and the hero of the film expresses an extreme degree of joy (hands are raised up) when he looks at this code. Although in the film the program is executed, it seems, even without compilation.

    The original code of one of the programs from which the fragment was borrowed.

    Frame from the film .

    Images with this source code can indeed be seen in the official trailer for the movie “White House Down” at 1:39 .

    The video sequence in the film is compiled from several programs that the author wrote in 2007-2008 to demonstrate Raw Sockets for the purpose of injecting packets. Here is the complete list of those files:
    http: //

    Apparently A free license allows you to use the source code even in this way. By the way, the budget of this film is 150 million dollars.

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