Grabcad - announced a volunteer competition to create glasses that will allow the deaf to see and read speech, and maybe more

    Good day.

    In my opinion, Grabcad conceived a very bold and interesting competition to create something like budget smart augmented reality glasses for the deaf. The idea was born to a hard-of-hearing teenage girl and was supported by the participants in the project of Grabkad.

    The competition is voluntary and has no reward, but also does not have any strict rules. So far, there are no restrictions on the flight of fancy how to implement this. It has several stages in which everyone can help simply with their idea or specific development.

    The competition lasts from April 2 to May 15.

    The site is English-speaking, but I think, to the best of my understanding of English, the meaning I conveyed is correct.

    If there are people who want to completely translate the article from the Grebkad or describe the objectives of the contest in more detail, I will be glad to make your additions to the post.

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