Ukrainian laws in the new ipLex application for Windows Phone 8

    The new free ipLex mobile app has been released. Laws for mobile devices running Windows Phone 8 .

    ipLex. Laws is a collection of all current codes and basic laws of Ukraine.
    It is installed completely on the device and works offline without access to the Internet.
    To update the editions and composition of documents, a fresh version of the application is released monthly.
    Documents can be searched by words in the text and details, as well as by subject heading.
    Inside the text, search by context works.
    For quick access, selected documents can be placed in the My Documents folder.

    ipLex.Zakony is a mobile "legal first-aid kit". The application will help in court, on the exam, on the road and in other similar situations, when you need to turn to the laws, but there is no computer and Internet at hand.

    You can download the application from the Windows Phone Store

    For reference.
    Earlier versions of ipLex have already been released. Laws for Adroid, iOS (iPhone, iPad)
    Developments were made as part of the startup ipLex - a leader in the field of mobile legal systems in Ukraine .
    In addition to free versions, ipLex provides Ukrainian lawyers with a commercial version of ipLex.Profi .
    This is the only complete mobile legal system in Ukraine. It works both on desktop platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and on mobile - Adroid and iOS (iPhone, iPad). In the near future, it is planned to develop a version for Windows Phone 8.

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