The eighth meeting in Kiev in the snow

    We are reporting from snowy Kiev. Everything is standing, everyone is watching the film "The Day After Tomorrow", but in spite of everything the Eighth Hub meeting in Kiev began its work.

    Most importantly, there is a live broadcast of the meeting:

    Due to the weather, the list of speakers has changed. The first right now is Andrey Cheredarchuk “HP-UX - a platform for a database server”, HP Ukraine.

    3 more speakers will definitely be. Another 2 are on the train near Kiev, maybe in the evening they will get to their report.

    List of lectures:

    Extended lecture annotations:

    All video reports of the lectures will be posted here:

    UPD: Between reports, the sound is cut off, do not be alarmed - everything works.

    Post sponsor: Ukrgaskomplekt-2010: development of industrial devices

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