Apple introduced two-factor verification for Apple ID and iCloud accounts

    Apple has finally begun taking steps to increase the security of Apple ID and iCloud accounts. The company introduced a two-factor verification, which must be passed before it becomes possible to change personal information. Conceptually, it differs little from a similar verification with Google. After entering the main password, the user receives a special code on one of his "trusted" devices, which must be entered to complete the process.
    Also, users will receive a special key, which will be possible to use as the last chance to restore access to your account if you forget the password or lose your device.

    Strengthening security measures, obviously, is the answer to the criticism which has fallen on the company, after sensationalHacking Matt Honan .
    So far, the new verification method is only available to users from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand. In the future, Apple promises to add other countries.

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