Google is preparing a redesign of the Play Store

    Google Play Store is getting ready for redesign. The Droid-Life website gained access to the fourth version of the Google Play application for Android before the official release.

    The current design of the Play Store was first unveiled in July 2012 and has been improved several times since then, but all the changes were precise and not very important. Now Google Play will undergo a complete redesign, becoming light, “clean” and more reminiscent of the good old Android Market. It is also not difficult to trace the similarity between the new design of the Play store and Google Now - at least in terms of large pictures and text in italics. In addition, the lists of applications (tops, new, etc.) are made in the form of separate large cards in the style of Google Now, and not in the form of traditional lists. Thus, the idea of ​​the company to unify the design of its applications, which are the cornerstones of Android, can be traced, it is likely that the OS itself will follow this example.

    At the moment, there is no data on when a new store will be launched for everyone. Perhaps Google is waiting for an I / O conference to announce the redesign of the store. In addition, it is not clear whether the interiors of the store will change - search algorithms, tops, etc.

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