KFC + Imagine Cup = another opportunity to get to the world finals

    We are pleased to inform all Imagine Cup participants that thanks to the new Imagine Cup sponsor - KFC - Russian students have another great opportunity to get to the international Imagine Cup final ! Today we announce a new nomination - KFC Russia Award !

    KFC is an innovative company, and recently it opened its flagship restaurant in Moscow. This is a place where you can not only eat, but also have a great time with friends. The pearl of the restaurant is a multimedia game station, which is a computer with Kinect and two ceiling video cameras, as well as a barcode scanner with checks and a connected XBox 360 console. You can see the station in this motivating video:

    The essence of the KFC Russia Award competition is that we offer students participating in the Imagine Cup to adapt their projects to work at the KFC multimedia station to make them accessible to restaurant visitors.
    How is the competition held:
    • A special jury consisting of Microsoft and KFC employees will select 5 teams from among 30 finalists participating in the Russian Imagine Cup final. The main selection criteria :
      • The ability to use the project on a KFC multimedia station ( Kinect support or touch control ).
      • The thematic focus of the project on a healthy lifestyle and nutrition, game or entertainment focus.
      • Possibility of short (2-3 min) user interaction sessions
    • These teams will be invited to Moscow on April 3, 2013 to take part in a special hackathon at the KFC flagship restaurant in Moscow, where you can refine your projects with the help of Microsoft and KFC experts and try them out directly on the multimedia station. Both technical specialists and designers will be at your disposal to help you improve your project.
    • According to the results of the hackathon , the winning team of the KFC Russia Award will be selected , which will go to the international final of the Imagine Cup in the summer of 2013 in St. Petersburg.

    We are very pleased that thanks to KFC we will be able to bring another Russian team to the international finals, and that we will be able to demonstrate the projects of the contestants to a large number of spectators - visitors to the KFC rector.

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