Are you in the last grades of the school and are interested in engineering? We can come to visit you!

    In the second half of April, we will conduct a volunteer program in which IBM employees can come to school and tell high school students about how engineering ideas change our lives, how you can realize your ideas and realize your talent, and what career opportunities provide technical specialties .

    Since 1990, IBM employees around the world have been participating as volunteers in the Engineers Week (EWeek) initiative, which aims to fully inform the young generation about the opportunities and benefits of STEM professions (science, technology, engineering, math). This year, IBM focused on one of the four areas of EWeek and the main focus will be on promoting the technical education and engineering career among middle and high school students. During the EWeek, IBM engineers, visiting schools around the world, will share their experiences and answer all your questions. In Russia and the CIS countries, IBM will conduct this initiative for the first time.

    If you are in the last grades of the school, are interested in engineering and would like to continue your education at a technical university - we will come to visit you! Just write us a personal message, and we will agree with the school administration about the event.

    Please send applications by March 25th .
    Period: the second half of April.

    If you teach at school and would like to arrange such a meeting for your students - we are also waiting for your message!

    If you do not have an account on Habrahabr (and you cannot write to us here), write to us on Facebook !

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