Mambot - a bot in the Telegram for pregnant women


    Good day, dear Khabravchians. I hasten to tell you about one interesting character whose name is Mambot. @mamabot is a smart virtual assistant for pregnant women, created under the watchful guidance of doctors, obstetrician-gynecologists. At the moment, he lives only in Telegram, but soon it will be possible to meet on other platforms.

    How is it useful for expectant mothers?

    In Russia, and probably in many other countries, there are certain prejudices regarding doctors and medical institutions. You must admit that for some reason many of us are alarmed by these good people in white coats and this hospital smell? And the consequence of our stereotypes is the absence of preventive medicine in the broad sense of the word.

    The reality is that most people turn to the doctor only at the very last moment, when they really feel the need. But if you are pregnant, then you should be much more pragmatic. After all, you are already responsible not only for yourself, but also for the little man living in your stomach.

    Mambot strives to instill a culture of visiting doctors. His main task is to send the pregnant woman to a medical institution in a timely manner to professionals, without even thinking about self-medication.
    Touching on the topic of autotherapy, I want to mention the tendency of people to diagnose themselves with the help of search engines. Cases reach the comic. Mr. bobuk , as a representative of Yandex, once said that after receiving a negative answer to the question “can I drink alcohol while taking antibiotics?”, People continue to look for an answer that will satisfy their desire. And, probably, some slurred statement on the 10th page of the search, which can be interpreted in its favor, is perceived as true.

    Along with all this, it is equally important to reassure a person and convince him that there is no reason to worry. I will exaggerate, but an enthusiastic reading of different sites about the causes of tickling the little finger on the left hand can easily lead to a paragraph on oncology. But did you know that, for example, shortness of breath and lack of air in the later stages of expectant mothers in most cases is the norm and you should not be nervous because of this?
    Nerve cells are a valuable resource responsible for the proper functioning of the whole organism. It is impossible to waste them and worry about each occasion, especially pregnant. And Mamabot, using the knowledge of doctors, tries to reassure a woman in such cases.

    What can a bot do and how to interact with it?

    He already knows a lot of things and we are constantly teaching him new things. In the narrative format, it is difficult to expressively describe all his skills, so I will give a part of them in the form of a list:

    • Informational messages about the fetal development process and the ongoing changes in the woman’s body, which will be able to warn the mother from unpleasant surprises in her well-being and tell about all sorts of usefulness for the benefit of the baby.
    • Notifications of compulsory visits to doctors in female counseling. Moreover, Mambot works not only according to the protocol of I. I. Ivanov, but also gives additional recommendations depending on the indicated chronic diseases.
    • Pregnancy control. Mambot convinces a woman to monitor her weight, fetal movements, blood pressure and sugar. If any abnormalities are found, then the bot will recommend once again to see a doctor.
    • Symptoms Assistant builds scripts to communicate with the patient by the client on the basis of the most common complaints (nausea, heartburn, shortness of breath, swelling, dizziness, etc.) and gives personalized advice.

    I want to draw your attention to the amendment with the client . Mamabot does not deal with treatment, because today it is not possible either legally or technically. And interacting with him is as simple as possible. The dialogue interface from the very beginning of the conversation will guide each client and describe their functionality.

    How does Mambot work?

    It is not worth writing on Habré about the project without mentioning a word about what lies under the hood, but there is nothing special to tell. The bot is written in Python with pyTelegramBotAPI adapted for some needs. NLP works mainly in chat mode and we use the wonderful Dialogflow (former for this.

    Why do we use machine learning results in a very metered way today? The reason for this is the expected increased exactingness and attention to errors in the responses from customers. The phrase "Artificial Intelligence" is now popular as much as possible. Sometimes they flaunt them when instead of AI there is a regular expression. But even the genuine, most intelligent “machine intelligences” tend to make mistakes and not understand. I will not give examples, I think they are known to everyone. So what can be the relation to the virtual assistant who issues health recommendations, but did not correctly identify some kind of difficult phrase? Therefore, we decided that Mamabot would be better off less intelligent, but definitely knowing what he was talking about.

    In addition, our assistant has a rather sophisticated structure. Most bots solve the question-answer problem and are more like metamorphosis of the command line for ordinary users. There are 3 entities in Mamabot: answers, scripts and initializers (that is, the bot itself in some cases initiates a dialogue). It was not easy to determine the boundaries of each of them and deal with taxonomy in the analytics. But the most laborious thing is, of course, the systematization of medical information.
    Mamabot is completely free. Probably, sometime an unobtrusive advertisement will appear in it, if the potential interest in it among women does not turn out to be our hallucination. And now I want to recommend it to all pregnant women and families who are planning a baby. Useful and verified by doctors information we guarantee.

    In general, if you have pregnant women among you, be sure to contact @mamabot . Many thanks to all for your attention.

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