CeBIT 2013. Day Two. Intel Extreme Masters, ASRock, Enermax

    The second day at CeBIT 2013 did not portend new discoveries. Traditionally, the huge Intel Extreme Masters pavilion beckoned gamers throughout Germany and offered to take a look at the game of the best starcrafters and other masters of esports art. In the halls where component manufacturers were exhibited, an atmosphere of calm and constancy reigned. ASRock (with the help of a nitrogen-game show) and Enermax (with the help of a contest for the coolest photo with promoters) tried to actively entertain visitors.

    Intel Extreme Masters
    For those who want to play, Intel set the demo stands of a "modest" configuration. Really why not? Gamers - people are impressionable, like the process - they will buy a new computer. On the other hand, if you do not demonstrate the best, then why start an exhibition at all.

    Despite the fact that the official release of StarCraft II: Heart Of Swarm is scheduled for March 12, the championship is already underway and the real masters have mastered the addition long before the release. Of the Russian-speaking players, Mikhail Gaida (Kas) from Team.Empire and Artem Garavtsov (sLivko) from Virtus.Pro are participating. I wish the guys all the best in their difficult struggle with European and Asian gamers.

    For those who have little understanding in games (like me, for example), Intel has installed racing car simulators similar to Formula 1. Those interested could sit in the cockpit and drive along the virtual tracks. The queue for the attraction exceeded the size of the analogue directed to the buffet.

    But this was a real surprise for me. Of course, one should not underestimate the popularity of World Of Tanks in Russia, but it was nice to meet a large stand in Hanover. delivered not only demo stands, but also erected a stage on which professionals demonstrated their skills in tank battles. If the trend continues, then most likely next year the world championship along with StarCraft II will also be held in the World Of Tanks discipline.


    One of the largest exhibition stands is owned by ASRock. The exposition included old series of motherboards based on Intel Z77 and Intel X79 chipsets, but at the same time, the company demonstrated its preparations for the release of Haswell processors - ASRock Z87 Extreme6 and ASRock H87 Pro4.

    Three stars of the overclocking community were invited to conduct a nitrogen show and demonstrate the overclocking capabilities of ASRock motherboards - a huge red-haired Finn SF3D (Petri Korhonen in the world, a physiotherapist by profession), Yugoslav Perica_barii (Dusan Nikosevic) and Taiwanese Nick_Shih (aka Nick Shih, character , not married). And while the legend of the European overclock worked at the stand, pouring nitrogen over the hybrid processor from AMD, his Taiwanese colleague enthusiastically drove on a racing simulator at a neighboring exposition =).

    And this is a joke of the week. Well, consider me conservative, harmful and even biased, but the servers from ASRock are just ridiculous. A company that has been a low-cost airline all its life and is associated with budget solutions suddenly climbed into a segment where a reputation for stable and reliable equipment is needed. I don’t know about you, but I will buy an ASRock production server as a last resort.


    Who holds the brand is Enermax - every year the stand is beautifully designed and pleases the eye against the background of white boxes with Chinese crafts.

    Of the amazing gizmos this time showed 180 mm fans with water protection. Why, I’m not very clear, but everything works. From a small pool, water evaporated directly onto the fan, which “without steam” passed moisture through the blades and threw it out.

    The maintenance-free liquid cooling system has been demonstrated for quite some time, but it really went on sale only in the first quarter. According to company representatives, the first shipment of goods scattered in just 2 weeks and now there is a shortage of goods in warehouses.

    New stands for massive laptops (apparently, such as in yesterday’s report from the MSI stand) also do not look very logical against the background of universal hysteria on ultrabooks. Nevertheless, the product is of high quality and pleasantly made, which is again a plus for the German manufacturer.

    A fanless power supply with 80 Plus Platinum certification is the result of an arms race with other manufacturers. A power of 650 watts seems excessive, but it’s cool when the computer gets one 120 or 140 mm smaller fan, the noise level drops, although frankly, the noise level has never been an obstacle for enthusiasts.

    Other and Microsoft
    At the beginning of the first report, I warned that there were few top brands at the exhibition, so it was time to embrace the "brothers in different ways." The Chinese brought high-quality eco-friendly bamboo keyboards, mice and calculators. It looks very cool, it’s nice to knock on the fingers of a tree, you can’t expect a variety of colors. Maybe in the future, there will be rosewood or sandalwood keyboards? Why not?

    Well, now the jokes. Below in the photo stand Microsoft. Large, with a bunch of demonstrations and a ton of advertising (sarcasm). Looks like sales of Windows 8 have completely crippled the industry giant. I have no other explanation for what happened.

    But this is also fun. It is said that the organizers wanted to close half of the 17 halls due to the lack of tenants and it would be better if they closed it. What does acupuncture have to do with the IT industry is a mystery. Of course, the version that this is the best way to fix a sick admin visited my head, but not at the exhibition ...

    Young ladies :) Here you have a small portion of female smiles from the exhibition

    Stay in touch. Tomorrow I'll look for some more gizmos. I will go for a walk in the Sino-Hong Kong-Korean-Malaysian sector. The main thing is not to eat me there as Captain Cook =)

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