Meet beta Opera 14 for Android

    Yes, you heard right: 14. We thought that switching from Presto to WebKit, announced a few weeks ago , was such a big step that you can skip version 13 and release the 14th right away . But this is not only about the new engine, you will also notice a completely updated interface that goes well with the latest interface recommendations for Android.

    You can install Opera beta from Google Play or at

    Android 2.3 and higher

    Now we support Android version 2.3 and higher. Yes, yes, we did not abandon those who use the version of the system before  ICS . If you did not know, 45% of Android users are still sitting on Gingerbread 2.3  - why deprive them of a new cool browser? (We, however, still have to abandon some very weak Android 2.3).

    We have not yet prepared a new beta for tablets for you - work on optimizing the interface is still in progress and we will show it a little later.

    Brand new engine

    This first beta release will be based on the versions of AppleWebKit/537.22and Chrome/25.0.1364.87. We plan to keep up with the latest releases, so the final version of Opera 14 is likely to work on even newer builds.

    The engine inside Opera 14 is very close to what is used in the beta of mobile Chrome (now the versions mentioned above are used there) with some nice additions.

    Opera 14 right out of the box supports:

    • Attributes and events for Drag and Drop
      WebGL 3D (a little buggy, still)
      @supportsof CSS3

    • Now you will not need to switch to another browser to get the speed and economy of Opera Mini, now you have everything in one.

      Of course, there are many other things that you can talk about: a plus button, private tabs, browser.js - but we will leave you the opportunity to try everything by yourself and talk about something in more detail in the following posts. In the meantime, try and feel free to talk about your impressions.

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