Microsoft suspected the creators of the terrorist recognition complex plagiarized

    The Russian representative office of Microsoft Corporation suspected the company Integrated Security Technologies, which developed the Spartan 300 intelligence system for identifying terrorists, as plagiarized, the Izvestia newspaper writes. The corporation asked KTB to explain why the Kinect touch controller, used in the Xbox 360 game consoles, with a sealed Microsoft logo, formed the basis of the new complex.

    In mid-February 2013, a story about the new Spartan 300 development, a complex capable of determining his intentions by the behavior and facial expressions of a person, was shown on the air of the Moscow 24 television channel. In addition, a complex in which, according to the developers, a “specially trained neural network” is used, can determine the basic parameters of a person (height, completeness) and store the resulting image, which can subsequently be used to identify wanted persons.

    Scanning a person, for example, at passport control is a special camera of the “Spartan 300” complex, which is responsible for recognizing faces with emphasis on the eyes and nasolabial triangle. The image from such a camera is subsequently transmitted to a special computer complex, which deals with its combination with a black and white “depth map”. Integrated Security Technologies have already agreed on the delivery of the complex to the Ministry of the Interior.

    It was the camera of the new complex, which is designed to help law enforcement agencies identify suspicious people in a crowd, and caused discontent of Microsoft. Outwardly, it is indistinguishable from the Kinect controller; in the story, the logo on the camera was sealed with a label that says "Spartan 300". Microsoft has requested a license agreement from KTB to use the controller, but has not yet received the necessary documents.

    It should be noted that initially Kinect is equipped with sensors with artificially reduced resolution. Microsoft did this in order to make the product cheaper. As a result, the controller is able to recognize only human movements, but a small facial expression is practically inaccessible to it (to recognize it, good lighting is necessary, and the camera needs to be brought very close to the face). In the form in which Kinect is sold on the market, the controller is not suitable for identifying terrorists.

    Meanwhile, KTB claims that the sensor used in their system is able to recognize the movements of the head, eyes, eyebrows and lips. It is by this fine facial motility that the recognition of emotions and the psychological state of a person is made.
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