At last. Shot Django 1.5

    Congratulations, dear harazhiteli. Having gone through postponing the release , security problems and other obstacles, Django freed one-fifth finally received the status of a stable release.

    According to the developers, quite a lot of work has been done to release the next version. The full list of changes and innovations, as usual, can be found in the release notes , but here is a short list of the main ones:

    Custom user model User. The long-standing problem of flexibility of the User model from django.contrib.auth. Now life is slowly getting better. Now you can define your own model and support authorization mechanisms from the counter.

    Django 1.5 was the first release with support for Python 3 versions (3.2 and higher). It is worth noting that the support is only experimental so far, but those brave people who dare to use this bundle in production are given praise and honor. Also, a guide for porting to Python 3 versions comes to their aid . In addition, now dzhanga bugs that arise due to incompatibility with version 3 of the python will be considered blocking for future releases.

    It is also worth remembering that Python is now supported with a version of at least 2.6.5, and it is also strongly recommended to use version 2.7.3.

    Impressive work has also been done on the documentation. Home pageThe documentation has undergone a number of changes to simplify the search. A number of new tutorials have been added. In addition, the documentation for CBV (class-based views) has been significantly expanded. I hope now that there will be less misunderstanding of their advantages over function-based views from developers.

    Meet the new action-packed blockbuster on all servers in the country.

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    How soon do you plan to upgrade to django 1.5?

    • 21.5% Already crossed. Only bleeding edge, only hardcore! 139
    • 23.7% Within 1 month 153
    • 45.8% I will wait until all major bugs come up and go 295
    • 8.8% We still did not manage to switch to 1.2 57

    Will you use a bunch of python 3 and django 1.5

    • 22.9% Yes, at production 180
    • 57.4% Yes, for personal projects / research purposes 451
    • 32.4% No 255

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