Canon released glasses with a mixed system of reality


    Canon on February 21 at the presentation in New York at Manhattan's Classic Car Club introduced the Canon MREAL smart glasses to the general public. The user who fixed the device on his head can see elements from the real world that are combined with virtual ones. The glasses display a video that combines the recording of the surrounding world using two cameras located at eye level and the generated virtual world using the MP-100 platform software.

    The glasses are made on the basis of the head-mounted display (HDM), which has built-in mini-screens for each eye, physical markers, IR sensors and magnetic sensors. An important point guaranteeing the quality of this gadget is that previously Canon specialized primarily in cameras and printers. This innovative product allows you to bypass objects that actually do not exist, pick them up and examine from all sides.

    If it seemed to you that Google Glass would cost a pretty penny, then the cost of this device is $ 125,000. And for the annual service you will need to pay another $ 25,000. The high price of MREAL is due to the fact that this product is focused on the corporate market.
    The meaning of this device is as follows: before implementing the production of an electronic 3D prototype, for example, a car, designers had the opportunity to see how their work will look in real life. For many manufacturers, MREAL can become a very valuable tool. The use of glasses from Canon can also be found in medicine - to create the necessary environment for patients who recover from neurological injury. The start of sales of this device is scheduled for March 1.

    Source: Engadget

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