Google Chrome displays sound level indicators in each tab

    The latest Google Chrome Canary builds have animated tabs for playing and recording sound. Indicators are superimposed on top of favicons. If you had to open many tabs in a row at once, or restart the browser with many open tabs, and some of them suddenly started to make sounds - you will definitely appreciate this innovation. You no longer have to frantically decrease the volume with the system slider, and then iterate over all the tabs one by one in search of a noise source. Here is a video demonstrating the operation of the indicator:

    Indicators work both for the sound reproduced by regular means of the browser, and for Flash. In addition to the appearance of indicators, the strategy for freeing unused memory will also change if there are tabs with active audio streams. Such tabs will be considered active, even if they are not open, this will allow you to easily play and record audio in the background, if necessary.

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