Python Leads: Who and Why Uses It

    In January, Stack Overflow conducted an annual survey in which 100 thousand developers from 183 countries took part. This year, Python again approached the top of the ranking of popular languages: last year it left PHP behind , in this year it bypassed C #.

    At the same time, Python is in third place in the ranking of the most beloved PLs. Next, we will explain why and how it is used by large corporations and small startups. / photo PxHere PD

    Large IT companies: simplicity and productivity

    Analysts from iDataLabs have been collecting data on how many companies use Python for more than two years. As a result, they found that 75 thousand companies around the world write this language. And although, according to their data, Python does not have the largest market share, its popularity is steadily increasing.

    Last year, Python ranked fifth in the TIOBE ranking . This is an index evaluating the popularity of YP, based on the number of search queries on the Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, and other platforms. In 2018, the language’s popularity increased to 6% (almost 3% since 2017), and now it takes fourth place in rating .

    Among the large organizations that started using Python precisely because of its simplicity and popularity, you canHighlight Instagram. According to company representatives , they switched to Python 3 and the Django framework due to the fact that this PL is "friendly" to developers and allows them to concentrate on creating functions that are important for users.

    Plus, the widespread use of the language and the global community (according to SO, 39% of developers write on it , and 68% call Python their favorite language) make it easier to hire new team members.

    Another case- SurveyMonkey, a cloud-based online survey software company. Every day, the organization processes about millions of respondents' responses. The SurveyMonkey web application was originally written in C # using the .NET platform. The application worked without failures, but showed not the best performance during testing and deployment of new features.

    SurveyMonkey decided to rewrite the application in Python and break down the main functions into several services, each of which "communicated" with the rest through the API. This reduced the code base with which we had to work when testing functions, and simplified the process of their implementation.

    In addition to simplicity, among the advantages of Python, developers at SurveyMonkey note convenient testing tools.and application deployments and a large number of libraries.

    Python is written in Google, Facebook, Netflix, Quora, Reddit and many other large companies . At the same time, Python is used not only by developers, but also by specialists in data processing and analysis.

    According to a July survey by Burtch Works, which is engaged in the selection of data analysis specialists, Python and R are in second place in popularity: they are used by a third of the 1200 experts surveyed. At the same time, Python was only one percent behind the leader of the survey, SAS. And according to the informationKdnuggets analytic platform, over the past year 66% of the 2,300 data scientists surveyed used Python in work projects. Moreover, the popularity of the language grew by 14% between 2016 and 2018.

    For example, as noted by Abhishek Ghose of the company [24], which develops software for working with clients, he uses Python to collect and process data in various formats. According to Ghosh, it simplifies and speeds up the process of writing code. At the same time, the specialist notes that to solve some data science problems, it is enough to use the Python shell.

    / photo Tambako The Jaguar CC

    Startups: minimum resources to launch a project

    Unlike big business, most startups do not have powerful start-up capital, and time is a critical factor for start-up companies. It is important for them to create a working solution as soon as possible in order to present it to investors. Python allows you to speed up development by spending a minimum of resources. Language allows a team of two or three people to create a working prototype in a couple of months. According to this scheme, in 2013 they started at the Shippo company engaged in the supply of goods for businesses.

    This feature of the language at one time also helped Drew Houston (Andrew W. Houston), when he began workover dropbox. As a student, he constantly forgot a flash drive at home. Intending to solve this problem, Drew quickly created a prototype of cloud storage and closed a deal with investors.

    Another example: Nikita Sobolev, the developer and founder of the startup, transferred his entire team from Java to Python. Among the reasons for this decision, he calls the speed of development. According to him, the productivity of a programmer who writes in Python is several times higher than, for example, that of someone who writes in Java.

    Programmers with knowledge of Python are very much in demand. According to Hacker News statistics for July 2018., this PL is the second most popular after React: 24% of all posts on the resource are dedicated to finding Python developers for startups. At the same time, this PL has been holding on for several years.

    And there is reason to believe that in the future Python will only gain popularity.

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