A play about how Garry Kasparov lost the match to the Super Blue supercomputer

    In 2013 in New York, everyone will be able to see the production of The Machine based on the 1997 chess match between Garry Kasparov and the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer. The presentation of the play is scheduled for September.

    Matt Charman, a British playwright and author of the play, will tell viewers about the events of 1997 when 13th world chess champion Garry Kasparov flew to New York for a match against the IBM Deep Blue supercomputer, which counted 200 million positions per second , and its peak performance was 11.38 gigaflops.

    This match was a turning point in the history of the chess confrontation between machine and man. Among people Kasparov had no equal, and no one expected that a computer could become a worthy rival to him. In those days, no one took chess programs seriously.

    The 1997 battle was not the first match of Garry Kasparov against chess programs. In 1989, Kasparov defeated the Deep Thouht computer, and in 1996, the first version of the Deep Blue supercomputer. The results of the 1997 match are probably already known to everyone, and discussions have been going on for more than 15 years:

    According to unconfirmed reports, the first impressions may take place after 3 months in May. In New York, performances will take place in September at the Park Avenue Armory.

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