The network posted a 320 gigapixel panorama of London

    News about similar achievements was already published on Habré, when they photographed either the Milky Way , then Everest , or something else. This time, British Telecom tried to share a huge panorama of central London. Of course, for such a photograph, our own website was created, where you can see all this .

    Technically, the panorama is collected from many thousands (48,640, to be precise) of individual photographs. Photos were shot on a Canon EOS 7D with an EF 400mm f / 2.8 IS II USM and Extender EF 2x III, and it took about 3 days to shoot all of them. The cameras were combined into a single system using robotic devices Rodeon VR Head ST, created by the efforts of Clauss.

    At the same time, preparation for the filming process took much more, including software and hardware. The photos themselves were taken by photographers Jeffrey Martin, Holger Schulze and Tom Mills, these are panoramic experts from Jeffrey Martin worked on the panorama.

    It is also interesting that mixing the photo into the panorama also took a decent piece of time - about three months.

    If you print the photo in normal resolution, its length will be 98 meters and the width 23 meters. In general, a large photograph will turn out, there is hardly an apartment that can accommodate this miracle of photographic art. The resolution of the photo allows you to consider even individual branches of trees, but what's there - just fallen leaves on the asphalt. Of course, you can see people in the windows, on the roofs of houses and in other places. It may well be that one of these people is already suing, accusing the company of violating human rights.

    Via btlondon2012

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