PROactive approach

    Intel, together with the IT-Galaxy community of IT professionals, is pleased to announce the launch of a competition called “ProActive Approach - No Impunity Initiative.”

    Its essence lies in the fact that specialists who daily solve the problems of users and systems know how important it is to use a preventive approach to solving complex or sudden difficulties. This is more effective than the reactive method of resolving them, when you have to fix the problem after it has brought certain consequences.

    For those who wish to participate in the competition, we offer the following: to develop or submit an existing scenario for solving IT problems that can be used by other community members in their daily work. The problem, the way it is found and solved depends entirely on your choice or what you understand best. We welcome the creative approach to this task.

    The competition lasts until November 27 and its rules can be found on the IT-Galaxy page . The main prize for the winner is an Intel 320 SSD with a capacity of 160 GB.

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