Freelancers, taxes and Vyatka saffron milk cap

    In the very near future he intends to "get out of the dusk." Therefore, I regularly review the “I” for what and how they want it from a taxpayer freelancer.
    An interesting proposal was made by the Governor of the Kirov region Nikita Belykh in LiveJournal .

    Dear freelance friends! Why don't you register as tax residents in a specific area of ​​the Kirov region? For example, in Lebyazhye or Svechinsky, or something else (you can choose, it is important that there is one, now I will explain why)? Interested in those freelancers who generate income not from salaries (because in this case all taxes are paid at the source at the place of registration of the enterprise), but as individual entrepreneurs. We are talking about personal income tax or simplified.

    I find you a room where you register.
    I agree with the tax office on a working relationship.
    I am ready to organize secretarial services: for the preparation of declarations and other documents, for correspondence, etc.

    I am ready to report for each penny received from you in the form of taxes. Moreover, every penny in the budget of a district like Lebyazhy will be visible anyway. Report specifically: which section of the road is built, how many trees are planted, etc.

    As a bonus, I promise a bank of Vyatka saffron milk cap and an invitation to a summer picnic (at my expense).

    The proposal is funny, but if he gets rid of paper fuss and unnecessary communication with the tax authorities, then +100 him in charisma.

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