How was "Do not believe"

    Instead of a preface ...

    How to translate the game? Word by word?
    Try to keep the letter and thought of the person who invented it and what you put in it?
    Probably everyone asked himself this question. After all, a well-translated story, and after all, a game is first of all a story or a story about something, to a greater or lesser extent, deserves a separate perception, sometimes completely different from the original. Examples can be given a bunch.
    Well, at least Pinocchio. The basis is clearly taken on a foreign version of the story. But the trouble is: our man does not understand some realities of the life of a foreign boy. And ours is another matter ...

    To begin with, I’ll say right away that I write this opus only on my own behalf, and all that is said here is solely my opinion; my comrades, with whom I have worked, let them speak out themselves if they want.
    I will not hide that after all this time I don’t remember much, but I will tell you what I remember. Don’t feed me bread sometimes - let me start demagoguery on a specific topic. I apologize in advance to those whom this annoys.

    How do we look at a localized product that was published / developed / invented for specific people based on specific motives? We always try it on to our worldview, i.e. "to myself". So is the game: someone wants to breathe the air of the original, to understand what the person who created this creation wanted to convey. With pictures, for example, it is easier. There is no need to know a special language. Eyes are, mind is - stand / sit (hmm ... lie), "perceive." With a book a little more complicated. You need to know and understand the letters and symbols with which this book is written. If you understand, then human imagination will do its wonderful job of recreating the image. Cinema is more complicated and simpler at the same time. The image has already been created, voiced and presented to us on a silver platter.
    You just have to look, try - like it or not.
    The game, in my opinion, is the interweaving of so many and varied ...
    The plot, dynamics, gameplay, world, characters, communication, sound, atmosphere ... there is nothing to list. Each aspect of the game includes a piece of the culture in which it was created. And if you do not understand what the author was thinking about when he created, you play only half the game, or even some kind of parody of it. And if we proceed from the fact that you want to make a parody of something and leave the game process in place, but in the parody everyone will understand everything ... An

    idea ?!
    Quite a lot has been written about our game, with which I will start. You can search, read ...
    Well, at least here:
    The first time we looked at it, we didn’t even hope (it seems to me) to convey what the author wanted to say, who invented this world, by the way, from 1988 ...
    This is simply not possible in the 4 days that the word “translation” was allotted to us ".
    It was done simply, in our opinion: beer was bought and brainstorming began. I must say that a little earlier we had the idea to record our conversations on a tape recorder.
    And then, after a few hours, listen and discuss again. I understand how people came up with such wonderful things like Waterfall and SCRUM. I would not be surprised if they first had something similar (forgive me for such a comparison).
    We then drank our own local beer - Rogan (emphasis on 'a', make no mistake). But he was not in the store.
    “Tuborg” was brought in wonderful, I don’t remember what color bottles.
    They began to look again, but here the "miracle system" Windows 95 began to interfere with us ...
    Delayed multitasking causes convulsions in a normal IT developed person. As in a joke, if you rephrase it: "Now it will be copied, and we will watch." And since KD-ROM (hehe) in those days was not very nimble, it took a long time to wait. When we launched it, we saw that the game was made in collaboration with Microsoft. And our generator of ideas, Yuri, betrayed the mountain that it’s not so easy to leave ... :)

    Some facts
    The screenwriter was invited - a wonderful girl Irina (hello to the journalists!), Who together with us created the story that appeared in the game. For quality work, it was necessary to have the entire current line of storytelling and there should be a day left. Those. one day less for transfer. :(
    A lot of it, the text and the sound may not dig, clip in outlandish SMK format looks all at once, which makes it difficult translation.
    Translations rollers, in the vast majority of games, performed "by ear" as audirovnie in school. :)
    It was created cast a sheet where it was written, what kind of character, what he lives with, what he says, how he speaks, with what expressions, what he is doing at this time. The actor does not know how to say this or that phrase, right?
    Then reading the script of the famous movie "Abyss" somewhere found on the net helped me.
    From there I learned that almost everything should be indicated, even what you sometimes think about ... :) And all this is one day, because they will come for a translation in the evening, and tomorrow there will be a dubbing. And night + day + night to translate everything else.
    There were moments, especially after editing the text for the 8th hour in a row, with coffee breaks, when no motivation helped, I just wanted to sleep and do anything ...

    "Do you want to try voicing?"
    Distracted. After the game was over, when working on another game, I was with a friend who worked with us to process sound and draw pictures (a circuit engineer, by the way, if I remember the name of the specialty correctly). The actor just left him then, and he then said: “Do you want to try voicing?” - "Want!" it’s interesting to leave your mark, i.e. :)
    I was surprised to learn that one should speak with the mouth, not the nose. You can try ... Ideally, only the letters "M" and "H" are spoken with a nose.
    Those. it is necessary that air and sound come out through the mouth. It seems to be even an exercise when you pinch your nose and ask to speak the alphabet.
    If you do not do this, it turns out completely nasal and ugly, the actor then turned out much better.

    Final assembly
    On the assembly day, pictures were brought, sound cut in the right pieces, and texts after a night vigil, i.e. game rooms and a piece of the wall :)
    Our draftsman / sound engineer really complained about life, he also got the full program ... Not only that, the screen saver has about 200+ frames, where the inscription "Never Believe" is drawn, there’s also a wall on which the annals are written, all in different English characters, i.e. also need to redraw.
    He said that in order to somehow brighten up he drew a "joke", but he also brought normal ones, just in case.
    Then I repented that I didn’t translate the entire wall ... After several hours of manipulating the software written for disassembling, the game was assembled in draft form. They began to watch.
    The result was 2/3 (I don’t remember exactly): two people liked what was happening, three said that it was complete nonsense and messy, but in places it’s cool ... Like this. But there was no turning back. And rightly so.
    Now I already understand that probably in such a short period of time we would not have been able to do better.
    No way ...

    Thank you for your attention, I hope you were interested ...

    PS: Or maybe it should be continued ... Such should be

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