Implanting Palm Wireless Charging on HTC HD2

To get started, it is better to familiarize yourself with this article (I do not consider the points mentioned in it).
It describes in detail how to install charging in any mobile phone with a plastic back cover.
There is no simple solution with HTC HD2, as two problems interfere:
- the back cover of the battery compartment is made of metal and there is absolutely no place under it;
- soldering power to micro-USB is problematic and is associated with the analysis of the phone (not trivial for a beginner).

HTC hd2 on base

An option to solve these problems (a lot of photos, traffic)

In my case, the back cover from Palm Pre acts as a donor. According to the results of measurements, the charging current turned out to be 220mA, which is less than that of Pixi (300mA according to Delphir measurements )

palm pre case
The back cover with a dismantled charging circuit

We solder the charging coil, drill two holes with a 3mm drill in the back cover, thread the bends of the coil.

We estimate the location of the coil, exactly behind it it is necessary to place the magnetic circuit.
Then sequentially glue the magnetic circuit, drill 3mm holes in it, glue the coil.

He closed the coil and the magnetic circuit with epoxy plasticine, glue the pads under the magnets (ordinary washers were used in their quality), after the epoxy has solidified, you can treat it with a file / sandpaper.

On the inside, we attach a charging controller. Solder the bends of the coil.
The negative output is directly soldered to the body of the lid. The material is aluminum, soldering with rosin is not realistic, it is necessary to use soldering acid.

With the plus of power, it’s more interesting, it is output to the diagnostic connector - we solder a track of copper foil to it.

That's all in principle. Photo in the interior.

Some general tips:
- At any time, the correct operation can be checked by connecting the battery cover to the base and controlling the voltage with a voltmeter.
- the modification process took a couple of months of leisurely work, the selection of materials, the search for solutions. Therefore, I bought a spare cover on ebay in advance.
- I didn’t find copper foil in our sale, ordered it on ebay
- all the photos are collected in this album
- the cost of this phone should be absolutely not critical for you, breakdowns, short circuits, etc. are possible.
- as usual, all information is only an exchange of experience, I do not bear responsibility for your phone.
- Three charging bases were bought - in the office, home, in the car of

P.S. There are no problems with the compass for the month of the phone’s operation. The battery cover is metal and well shields interference from the charging coil.

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