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    Once in the commenting system that I use on projects, the Like button disappeared. Accordingly, visitors lost the opportunity to evaluate publications with one click without authorization in social networks and registration on the site. A decent amount of time was spent searching for the easy “Like” button, which could be quickly installed on the site and which would not slow down the loading of pages. As a result, the following solution was found, which I want to tell you about:

    I use my projects - the second month the flight is normal.


    • You get one neat “Like” button instead of a bunch of social networking buttons on your site. As you know, social buttons adversely affect the loading time of your site. The more social buttons on your site, the slower it loads, and the more visitors you lose. In addition, the most important criterion for search engines is the speed of loading pages on your site. Read more: [1] , [2]
    • The Like button loads asynchronously, so it does not slow down your site. Read more: [1] , [2]
    • LikeBtn allows you to evaluate both the entire page and individual elements on the page.
    • Visitors do not need to register or log in to social networks to use the “Like” button.
    • Using the “Like” button, users can share the link on social networks: VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Twitter, Facebook, etc.


    • The button is fully customizable using the options.
    • Inline styles available.
    • The button site has a button code generator.
    • Appearance is fully customizable through CSS.
    • It is possible to translate into any language.
    • Native support for the following languages: Russian, English, German, Japanese.
    • There is an API for getting statistics on likes.

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