Cash desk on the basis of the tablet: why does network retailers need it (we tell on the example of our cash desk)

    A mobile cash desk based on a tablet is a useful device that will help the store to solve several important tasks at once: improve customer service, work quickly with them on the sales floor, and reduce queues at peak times. How this happens - we tell in the article.

    What is a mobile cashier

    To date, there are two main types of mobile cash registers:

    • mobile cashier for consultants (in the form of a tablet);
    • mobile cash desk to speed up the queues and exit trade (combines three devices: a touch screen LCD with a built-in barcode scanner, a bank terminal and a CCP).

    We’ll talk about the first type - a mobile checkout for consultants. This is a lightweight and convenient tablet with a docking station, barcode scanner and MSR-reader. It connects to the reader of bank cards via USB-wire, Bluetooth. The device is able to read information from NFC-chips, loyalty cards and discount cards. In the Pilot product line, the mobile ticket office for consultants is represented by the SKY-POS Mobile device .

    Mobile teller features:

    • with its help, the retailer gets an extra cashier position;
    • can accept payment on the trading floor (on condition that the island is equipped with payment);
    • store employee has the opportunity to advise buyers;
    • The retailer is operatively capable of tracking stock balances.

    The scope of the mobile cash register is wide, but it demonstrates the greatest efficiency in:

    • small stores and networks;
    • clothing stores and boutiques;
    • electronics stores;
    • restaurants and cafes.

    Additional cashier seat

    The possibility of a mobile cash register to become an additional cashier seat is a good solution for stores where shoppers need help choosing goods on the trading floor.
    The device works in two modes:

    - when there is no queue, the sales assistant takes the tablet and interacts with customers directly in the sales area. With this equipment, it is possible to make a cashless payment immediately after the client has completed the formation of the basket;

    - during peak hours, a tablet of this type can be turned into a touch-desk by inserting it into a special slot on the cash register (docking station).

    Thus, with a mobile cash register, you can strengthen the weak points of the store so that your customers are most comfortable with making purchases.

    Acceptance of payment on the trading floor

    Using the mobile cashier, buyers can pay for goods directly on the sales floor. The consultant accepts payment in two ways:

    1. The functionality of the device allows you to read bank cards, information from NFC-chips, magnetic tapes. Thus it is able to accept cashless payment from the buyer. After that, wirelessly, it transmits information to the cash register, which will print the receipt and be responsible for the retailer's compliance with the requirements of 54-ФЗ.
    2. Despite the fact that non-cash payment today is the most popular among buyers, limiting them in the choice is moveton, which negatively affects loyalty. In order to be able to serve customers who want to pay in cash using a mobile cashier, it is necessary to equip an island of payment. It houses a CCP, a docking station and a cash drawer. After the buyer has made his choice and is ready to make a payment, it is enough to take him to this zone and carry out the settlement as at a regular stationary checkout.

    Solving merchandising tasks on the trading floor

    At that moment when the mobile tablet is not used as a stationary cash register, you can solve merchandising tasks on the sales floor with it:

    • check and mark products;
    • advise buyers in the context of viewing stock on their store or other points of distribution network;
    • confirm rights and manage a line of self-service stations.

    For example, the operator SKY-POS Mobile with the help of the cash program "Profi-T" will easily be able to clarify the properties of the product, its price, check the stock balance, send for printing labels requiring replacement or price tags.

    Mobile checkout on the basis of the tablet in the store is a multifunctional device that will allow you to:

    • provide quality advice to customers;
    • adjust the number of cash lines depending on the load;
    • accept payment directly on the trading floor.

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