Finalization of the Ricoh Dx2330 duplicator

    Paint for Ricoh Dx2330 costs about 600 rubles for 0.5 liters. OAT Chinese paint, in terms of quality, is even a little better, absorbs faster and, accordingly, the sheets do not stick together and do not get dirty and it costs 150 rubles for 0.8 liters, though the capacity is not quite suitable ...

    Digital duplicator - a printing machine using the screen printing method. It is sometimes called a “risograph”, after the name of the company Riso, specializing in the production of these devices and has become one of the first in the Russian market. wikipedia ©

    Used for inexpensive printing of documents, usually A4, and in one or two colors, the most common black color printing on white or colored sheets of paper with a density of 80 to 160g / m ^ 2

    We will need:
    • 1 PC. used capacity from the original paint for Dx2330;
    • 2 pcs. paints for Riso CR from OAT;
    • 1 hacksaw for metal;
    • 1 tube of epoxy glue;
    • 1 screwdriver and drill for 10.

    And so let's go.

    1. Open the door of the duplicator, press the button to remove the paint, take out the box of paint.
    2. Under the paint box, two bolts on the carriage, unscrew and remove the upper part of the carriage. It is necessary to saw off the back of it so that it does not interfere with us when installing a larger tank.
    3. Saw off the “nose” of our old paint bag.
    4. We take two covers from the OAT paint, in one we make a hole in the center, where the thread on the second we make a hole 12 mm from the edge.
    5. We glue two covers so that the inside of the second is inside and glue the “nose” from the original bag. It turns out like this:
    6. Now about the door. It will interfere with the new large tube and will not be able to close; there are two solutions. 1 insert the folded cardboard in two into the hole with the sensor so that our duplicator thinks that the door is closed. 2 use a screwdriver and a hacksaw again, cut out a rectangular hole in the door and increase the door with improvised plastic and epoxy, I chose the second option.

    Voila, now we can sell risography at 25 kopecks. per sheet.
    Final view

    PS: I used to transfer this paint from round tubes to original bags, so on the duplicator you can see a lot of traces of the paint, not all the paint was squeezed, some scattered around.

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