Vasily Voropaev resigned as CEO of

    The site manual has undergone major changes. Vasily Voropaev , co-founder and CEO of the company, resigned. Project management is now divided between three managers: Lyudmila Bulavkina - new head of, Anton Mazhirin - development director and Vladimir Tarhanov - commercial director of

    Just a couple of minutes ago, an email came in the mail with the following content:
    There have been important changes in project management.

    Vasily Voropaev, co-founder of the project and CEO, decided to leave the company.
    Lyudmila Bulavkina was appointed the new project manager.
    Development Director was co-founder of Anton Mazhirin.
    Vladimir Tarkhanov will assume the functions of commercial director.

    You can get acquainted with the new leadership, learn about further development plans of, ask questions and share your opinion in the " Blogs "


    Vasily Voropaev : “Our opinions regarding the development of the project were divided with other shareholders, and a joint decision was made about my departure from the leadership. For the same reason, I am leaving the company’s shareholders. ”

    Lyudmila Bulavkina : “Our main task is to expand the audience of the project and increase its loyalty. We plan to change the content of services and introduce new technological solutions based on the opinions of users and market trends. Our task is to make the work on the site more convenient for the most popular categories of free-lancers: programmers, designers, copywriters, SEO-optimizers. ”

    Vladimir Tarhanov: “We plan active integration with other market participants, the development of free and paid site services. Restarting "Transactions Without Risk" should turn this service from mandatory to useful. "

    Anton Mazhirin : “It is a great joy for me to return to the project. has always been the best service for finding remote work and an active friendly community of professionals. It is in these two areas that we will develop the project, listening to the opinion of each user. ”

    The project’s blog is currently actively discussing the news.

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