Version “Colosseum”: collective SMS distribution, built-in telephony, video calls, accounting statistics, new metro-style windows

Spring is the time for updates. "Simple Business" just prepared a new version of the program "Coliseum". Innovations will allow you to send SMS faster, use the built-in IP-telephony, communicate with customers and video partners. Innovations will also help to increase the confidentiality of information in the client base and accelerate the work with the program thanks to the introduction of the metro-style installation wizard and a new menu in the main program window.
Send SMS even faster and to multiple users at once - a new SMS sending module has been introduced
Want to notify your colleague about an urgent matter? Warn the entire department about the cancellation of the event? Inform your partner about a new venue? With the new SMS module, you send SMS messages to system users and external recipients much faster and easier.
In addition, there will be no confusion in finances. Now you can choose from which account to send an SMS message - from personal or from the organization’s account. Messages from the organization’s account can be sent by the organization’s owner, administrators, as well as users who have SMS access in the organization’s window.
To speed up the process of sending SMS will help and auto-signature in messages. You can choose one of the sender's signature options - Prostoy.Biz, a verified phone number or company signature. Signature Prostoy.Biz is installed by default and is available to everyone who has funds in their personal account or organization account. If you want to use a phone number as a signature, confirm it using the corresponding button in the left pane of the new SMS message window. The signature of the organization can be set in the window with the contact details of the organization.
Save time - send SMS messages to several users at once.
To do this, enter the numbers in the international format in the phone number input field, which is also a search field, and then press the "Add" button.
Or use the “Contacts” button, where you can choose one, several recipients or a whole group. The numbers of users or contacts in the sender’s organization and in the My Friends group are available.
You can send SMS messages at simple rates: 1 p. for SMS in the CIS countries and 4 p. - to other countries.
Built-in IP-telephony appeared in "Simple Business", now you do not need to connect a separate account to make calls.
Now you can make external calls from "Simple Business" without the need to connect any IP-telephony accounts. Our program now has its own telephony with favorable tariffs ( tariffs for telephony) You can use our number with your organization’s extension for incoming people or order a separate number. Telephony features: call recording, call history, conference, call forwarding (including to a cellular number), voice menu, rules for processing incoming calls, setting up extension numbers, access rights to make outgoing calls.
If you already have a SIP-telephony account, you, as before, can connect it to the system.
In version Another useful feature appeared in the telephony module - the ability to put the line on hold during a call. Now you can forward the call to the right employee or clarify information while holding the call. To do this, use the button located to the left of the user icon. When the button is pressed, the sound is muted and the other person does not hear anything.
In connection with the release of updated SMS and telephony modules, we launched an action for April: 2000 r. as a gift for telephony and SMS when ordering the tariff "Professional Organization" for 3, 6 or 12 months. Hurry to use it, because The number of gift bags is limited.
Communicate with customers and partners live - use the new video call feature
Now you can always talk with a colleague, client or partner, as they say, face to face, without even leaving your office or downloading additional programs. To use the video call option, just click the corresponding button when making a call in "Simple Business". Video calls will work if both users have webcams installed. Please note: the possibility of video calling is available under the tariffs “Professional Organization” and “VIP Organization” ( more about tariffs ).
Now each employee sees only his part of the client base - the function of access control by rows in the CRM table has appeared
Do you want to limit the access of some employees to certain records so that important information does not "leak" from the company? Now you can configure access not only to the columns in the table with the client base, but also to the records. To do this, in the table settings window, just go to the "Rows" tab.
The “Own Entries” field displays entries that are sponsored by you (that is, which you added). To open access to records for an employee, simply add it to the rule by clicking on the “Add” link. The “All records” field displays those users who have access to all records in the table. In the "Private rules" field, you can create rules for displaying entries in the table according to certain parameters from the drop-down list (for example, by region of residence, gender, etc.).
Get visual statistics on accounting - the appearance of the accounting module has been updated
Now you can immediately see the summary information on accounting for the day thanks to statistics on the main page of the accounting module. In addition, the module has got a “convenient” for perception design. In the new version, accounting for payment of bills is made from the "Documents" window, where you can put down payment on the bill.
Install the program quickly and easily - a new metro-style installation wizard has been launched, the program has a beautiful new screen saver, the top menu of the main window has changed for faster access to the necessary functions.
Now it’s even easier to install the “Simple Business” program on a computer. The metro-style installation wizard includes just three installation steps.
The screensaver of the program has changed - now it is also executed in metro-style.
Added items to the top menu of the main program window for quick access to the most frequently used functions. Rebranding also touched the animated picture, which shows the connection with the server: now instead of the red-blue butterfly, there is a two-color Rubik's Cube.
Simple Business continues to work to improve the program - do not miss our messages on how you can use innovations to benefit your business.

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